WEM: Model your process using flowcharts and generate fully featured multi-platform web applications fast and with minimal programming knowledge.


Enables any subject matter expert to create web applications


Up to 10 times faster than traditional development


Easily integrated with existing systems and web services


Fully functional multi-platform web applications

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Expand the WEM platform yourself

The WEM platform provides a full featured environment for modeling and publishing web applications for even the most complex situations and discerning customers. To enrich your web application even more, you want to add advanced functionalities. Therefore, WEM offers you the ability to create your own extensions, named Widgets.

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WEM - Rapid Application Modeling

“Will my customers understand what my product does for them?” – That is the big question, when introducing a new product to a new market.

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WEM Forum live

Read about and comment on new WEM features, exchange tips and tricks for using WEM, tell us about your WEM project, ask questions or answer other WEM user’s questions.

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