WEM introduces built-in Generative AI

No-code, no hassle. Business driven digital transformation just became a reality.

WEM.io empowers business teams with an intuitive platform to build mission-critical Enterprise Applications accelerating impact.

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Business driven digital transformation

With the full drag & drop Visual Development Environment business teams are able to transform business chances into software solutions with clarity and ease.

No-Code clears the sky for hundreds of businesses

Our platform is built on the vision that codeless software brings the freedom to scale to every business ambition imaginable.

  • Speed is critical, WEM was built with that in mind
  • Business- and process designers become developers
  • Create highly innovative software in weeks
  • Developer shortage is a problem of the past
  • Software is no longer a bottleneck

Start conquering the present to drive the future

Digital leaders transforming their organization with WEM to maximize business impact.

Integrate and connect with ease

Easily consume and expose data using open standards and open-source technologies, like JSON, XML, SOAP, REST, OAuth, OData and Webhooks.

Our platform enables you to easily and securely connect your applications to external systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, and payment providers, as well as live databases.


Redefining how software is made

Henk Vlug

Henk Vlug

Owner, Fortrus

"Software with a clear structure and stable basis […] no-code platform WEM provides the flexibility to continue building and make adjustments easily."

Outpace your backlog with WEM.io

Traditional enterprise application development has always been a hassle. Forcing you to choose between speed, cost, quality, usability and support.

Application delivery

Accelerate the application development process with 90%

Application cost

Downsize the Total Cost of Software with 80% compared to traditional software development

Customer Experience

Delivering focussed customer experiences across all digital touchpoints

Business process optimization

Facilitate Business to succesfully integrate with IT and scale your digital ambitions

Legacy modernization

Replace, migrate or extend your organizations core systems in a secure and scalable way

Enterprise-grade security

Build core-systems with Enterprise level security standards

Business driven digital transformation