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"WEM is a leading no-code platform provider enabling application development and deployment"

Source: IDC Technology Spotlight, Sponsored by WEM, WEM: No-Code Development to Democratize CloudBased Application Functionality Creation

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From Internet of Things, Native Mobile, WEM 4.0 to Security, Widgets and Shadow IT... Just a few examples of tech topics that were trending at this year's WEM Conference.
Ever wondered: Is this pizza safe to eat? Didn't think so. A complete certification scheme for Food Safety built in WEM by M+ does the job for you.
WEM CEO Rob Schilperoort explains the market impact of WEM on cloud, IT, Enterprises, SMB and the future.
Learn how to build a WEM application in minutes including a Google maps integration, without any coding.
How to build a WEM application without any coding in only 12 minutes.
Learn how to build a WEM application without any coding (48 minutes).


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This FlightCharter App gets you from A to B

The fully integrated application for FlightCharter.com.au built by partner WEM Solutions is the start to get you from A to B in a heartbeat. “Full stack development is a difficult challenge but WEM Solutions have made it feel easy,” says David Mackey, CEO at FlightCharter.com.au.

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The entire sales cycle. One single app.

The key to Business Development growth? Great Customer Service. To spend even more time on their customer service and less on say, admin, ARROW Netherlands took a good look how it could maximize business efficiency and effectivity. No more separate Excel files or stacks of paper. The entire sales cycle, and all relevant processes, in one single application. That does the trick.

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Security and Scalability without Lock-in

The past 12 months, the adoption of our no-code application development platform by enterprises has accelerated on a world-wide scale. As a result, instead of having to explain the impact no-code application development has on the business, enterprises nowadays find us with their questions and requirements for specific solutions. Time to take a closer look at a few of those Frequently Asked Questions.

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