A fully integrated booking application built with no-code



A fully integrated booking application built with no-code

A booking app built with no-code

Booking reliable and professional aircraft operators across Australia, with hundreds of options to choose from, has never been easier. With this fully integrated booking application, built with no-code platform WEM, running behind the website of FlightCharter.com.au. In short, its a customer and operator portal in one, which manages fleet movement in real-time. Developed by partner WEM solutions on no-code platform. Find out how this flight charter app gets you from A to B in a heartbeat. 

A customer and operator portal in one

  • The booking application provides customers with information about aircraft class and type availability and pricing;
  • Flight charter operators are issued with and respond to tenders online for provision of the charter service;
  • Quote estimates are automatically generated at customers’ requests by this booking app, enabling them to track their quote requests via their secure portal with automated alerts and updates;
  • Departure instructions via automated alerts coordinate for customer and operator completion of the flight charter service.

That’s how Flightcharter.com.au finds its customers the right aircraft, at the right time for the right price.

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Fast, flexible full stack development

FlightCharter.com.au appointed WEM Solutions to supply full stack application development on a fast track program for its replacement booking and quote to cash system”, Flightcharter CEO David Mackey highlights his excitement for having this booking application built with no-code platform WEM: “Having had extensive prior experience in application development, we have found both the WEM Platform and WEM Solutions to be revolutionary in their rapidity of development and ease of deployment”.

A ready for use app in weeks […] allowing Flightcharter to spend more time on its core business and identifying further improvements

Chenobu Thong
CEO, WEM APAC, Distributor

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