No-code, with an enterprise architecture designed to scale

The WEM platform allows organizations of any size to deploy a modern, scalable application cloud to drive your operation. Working with WEM makes sure you can deploy at record speed, allowing you to focus on what matters.


The WEM platform architecture is based on the promise of security, speed and reliability

Multi cloud deployment

Multi cloud Kubernetes deployment options allow for on-prem appliances, private hosted and public cloud deployment.

Lifecycle management

Full application lifecycle management offers a continuous process of development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Powerful integrations

Reliable, secure and powerful integrations with legacy and external systems. Both in and out bound.

Enterprise level security

Enterprise grade security is built into the architecture with multiple layers of protection.

Continuous improvement

Have multiple employees create apps together, at the same time. Continuous improvement and agile development made simple for both business and IT.

Endless functionalities

Give your applications endless functionality. Create dashboards and automate processes.

The WEM platform architecture ensures speed of development, no coders needed

The business user developer

WEM allows employees of different levels to become process automation experts and No-code developers. Leaving excel and legacy tools behind, WEM enables a true corporate revolution.

Productivity acceleration

With support for microservice architecture and flexible devops topologies, your citizen developers will use WEM to increase their productivity and focus their time on the most challenging backlog stories.

IT capacity booster

IT capacity increases with the use of the WEM platform. Demanding software challenges are no longer a bottleneck due to speed of development and increase of the potential workforce for No-code.

Adaptable to your cloud strategy

Deployment Options

Shared WEM Cloud
for businesses that want to start quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
  • Data centers in Europe and APAC
  • Standard and Pro plans
  • All included hosting solution
  • Various storage options
  • Live and running in minutes
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Any Private Cloud
for businesses that wish to run a dedicated instance in any cloud.
  • Private Hosted Application Cloud
  • Kubernetes WEM Runtime
  • Flexible Hosting (Azure etc.)
  • Priority support
  • Various performance and high availlability options
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On-Premise Hardware
for businesses that desire full ownership and control over their resources.
  • On-premise network appliance
  • Rapid deployment
  • Supporting HCI
  • Kubernetes perpetual runtime
  • Designed for high availlability and scalabilty
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With WEM your organization gains flexibility and speed

WEM is an enterprise-class highly flexible No-code Digital Transformation Foundry that gives your company the competitive advantage it needs.

Our architecture makes sure you are able to build applications with the speed your organization needs. Create compelling and flexible applications, connect and integrate to any environment, and stay ahead.

Business driven digital transformation