Enterprise Architecture Built To Scale 

Our technology allows organizations of any size to deploy a modern, scalable application cloud. We do the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy a technological backbone which can be deployed at record speed, allowing you to focus on your business needs.

Multi cloud Kubernetes deployment options allow for on-prem appliances, private hosted and public cloud deployment

Full application lifecycle management offers a continuous process of development, testing, deployment and maintenance

Simple, secure and powerful integration with legacy and external systems. Both in and out bound

Enterprise grade security is built into the architecture with multiple layers of protection 

Create great looking, pixel perfect applications of any complexity. Break the world speed record 

Give your applications endless functionality. Read, create and send documents of any format. Create dashboards and automate processes 

WEM Enterprise Application Cloud

Secure, Scalable, Modern Cloud Architecture

Multi Cloud Strategy

Flexible Deployment Options

built for experts and citizen developers

Driving Value For Various Stakeholders

A developers productivity multiplier

With support for microservice architecture and flexible devops topologies, devs use WEM to increase their productivity and focus their time on what is really required

A citizen developers best friend

Allowing employees of organisations of all sizes to transition into process automation and autonomy. Leaving excel and legacy tools behind, WEM enables a true corporate revolution

Turning IT architects into corporate heros

In times where IT departments are always overstretched and when demand for more and more software is constantly on the rise, WEM creates a true paradigm shift and increases IT capacity by a huge margin

"We work with large customers like Schiphol and other big organisations. WEM offers us the ability to deliver complex solutions at rapid speed. The platform is very innovative and incredibly powerful. "

Henk Vlug – CEO, Fortrus


Start Your Application Productivity Revolution

Learn more on how WEM can enable your organization. Bring innovation, drive productivity, increase capacity, automate and enable your employees to do the unbelievable.  

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 +31 (0)20 240 21 20       

Videos and images courtesy of WEM Modeler.
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