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Cost-efficient application development with no-code

Bringing application development to end-users. That’s ARROW ECS Netherlands goal with no-code development platform WEM. Our no-code platform empowers non-technical business developers to create apps without having to write code. At the same time, WEM supports professional developers by taking care of time-consuming infrastructure tasks required in application development. Hence, accelerating app development and integration at a fraction of traditional costs. Talk about a win-win for business and IT.

Cost-efficient application development

“WEMs technology enables organizations to build functionalities on their existing applications for a fraction of the conventional cost and in a matter of days instead of weeks. I am pleased that our channel customers can now bring this empowerment to end-users”.

Bart van Rheenen, Managing Director, ARROW ECS Netherlands

IoT and no-code app development makes for smart business

Smart surveillance and security, automated transportation, smarter energy management and monitoring systems. All examples of Internet of Things concepts that reshape entire industries. Pretty much any physical object can be transformed into an Internet of Things (IoT) device if it’s connected to the internet. How to “smarten up” your business processes rapidly? By connecting sensors provided by ARROW ECS Netherlands with applications built on no-code development platform WEM. Showcased by Bart van Rheenen at the WEM Conference 2018:

Our partners get your apps live 10x faster
Reducing development costs by 80%

35% increase Sales and Operations productivity

An app that includes as few steps as possible, improving the efficiency of executing day-to-day tasks. With no-code development, business processes at ARROW were automated in no-time. 

It all started as a tender management tool, in which tasks could be assigned to specific resellers, status updates are shown in real-time, role-specific information is stored of actions-to-be-taken and so on.

“Our efficiency and effectivity experienced an increase of 35%”, says Rene Feijen, Unit Manager at ARROW Netherlands. Click here for the full success story.

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Videos and images courtesy of WEM Modeler.
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