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WEM General availablitiy

After being an internal tool for ZoomBIM for years with limited availability for the general market, WEM is now available for you to use to create your multi-platform web applications, easy, fast and for a lower cost then you would expect.

Fast and straightforward

Simple application, for forms automation and straight forward list and edit functionality are created by process owners and functional designers in a matter of minutes without any programming knowledge. Find the tutorial to help you build your first application in under an hour here.

Advanced Technology

Web-developers can use the advanced features of WEM: including expression editor, custom controls and bootstrap templates to build
advanced functionality using the latest technologies.


Integrate with all your favorite out of the box software and cloud software providers through web-services. WEM has build in capability to consume web services offered by other providers and expose the build software through web-services so others can interface with your applications. All using easy-to-use point and click features that require limited knowledge of webservices and programming. Learn how to consume web-services in the tutorial here.

Multi Platform

WEM supports the bootstrap standard to help you create professional looking applications that meet the requirements for a wide range of devices. By default WEM applications will work right out of the box on a wide range of devices from smart-phones and tablets to multi screen desktops.