Most companies work with different platforms and even different technologies. At WEM we use open standards wherever possible to enable better integration between these systems. One aspect that is most forgotton when using different systems is design. Your company, at minimum, has a logo and brand colors that you want to use throughout all these platforms. At WEM we know this is important therefore we support the widely used Bootstrap standard.

Bootstrap is an Open Source layout engine framework for making responsive web-based multi purpose applications. The exciting part is that most of the time your company already has a Bootstrap design that can be used directly in the WEM application without any conversion. And if your company does not have a Bootstrap design, with some change in parameters applied to an existing template you can create a working template in your company's style in mere minutes.

You can also use existing Bootstrap themes that you can download from the internet for a few dollars and some even for free!

For more information, goto the website of Bootstrap.

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