WEM for Functional Designers

As a functional designer you are used to talking to your customers, often a department leader or process owner with a wealth of subject matter expertise and varying levels of IT knowledge. During the meetings with them you document the needs and wants as well as the specifics of the customer's process to be automated, maybe you even collect some artifacts, existing forms, simple desktop applications in Microsoft Excel or process flows from other applications. You take all this new information and use it to document a solution for the customer, you work with your technical team to make sure what you documented can be build and jointly come up with an estimate of effort. The resulting design, budget and time estimate go back to the customer to review and approve, at which time you probably need to provide some clarification and possibly fine tune the design. Next step is funding, there are many different solutions on how this happens, but in almost all instances this takes time and by far most designs never get created because of a lack of funding. If the solution does get funding a development team takes your design and does their thing, often with you communicating with them and the customer.

With WEM all this changes, instead of documenting a potential application, you build the application, in real time and in concert with your customer. Using WEM you document the customer's process, information flow and logic and right there, while with the customer you publish a prototype of the application, for them to review, critique and possible for them to edit by themselves. This application can easily be used as a proof of concept or, for whatever reason as a short or long-term production application.

Building an application in WEM takes no more time than writing a traditional functional design, and with WEM you end up with a working application in the design of your company, working on lot's of devices and hosted on a high performing secure platform.

More information on the website, on the Functional Designer page you'll find all the content you, as a functional designer, need to get your customer's need documented and a life proof-of-concept or even production application available on the web and mobile.