Flexibility of use

WEM is very flexible in many different ways, this blog post attempts to highlight some of the ways in which the numerous options WEM provides give you as a WEM user more power over your applications without making WEM complex to use.

For any application the users are the most important, giving them the optimal experience when using your application makes them come back for more. Applications you create with WEM are automatically optimized for a wide range of devices and work seamlessly on most all hardware, operating systems and browsers, allowing your applications users to use the equipment of their choice. Changing the whole look and feel of your application? No problem, just load a new Bootstrap template and you are ready to go. Want to offer different user groups a different experience? No problem, just publish your application multiple times with different templates. Many different kinds of user-interaction elements are available right out of the box, from simple entry fields to complex graphical interfaces and many more are added regularly.

Many application platforms are very good at one or at most a few types of applications, they focus on things like form or process automation, decision support or web store development. With WEM you have a fully functional application environment, you decide what you want your application to do and have every tool available to achieve that goal. Virtually any application a team of developers could create using advanced computers science technologies can be created in WEM in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the IT knowledge.

When creating an application in WEM you, as the application owner, have the ability to be as technical as you wish to be, you can design very nice looking and functional applications by just using drag-and-drop features, modeling the flowchart of your process and selecting the components to make up your screens, WEM will do the rest. Alternatively you can create your own widgets, do a multi-tier web-services applications with service busses and integrate your own CSS, Javascript, or even C# code or every level of technology in between. Depending on your level of experience, the needs of your project and your interest you develop your application using the tools that are right for you and your project.

WEM provides the structure and tools you need to develop many different applications quickly, but has the ability to open up the technology to enable advanced capabilities when you want and need them.