Intelligent contact forms

When someone places a phone call to a call centre, they expect the representative to ask clear questions, listen to the responses, and to give answers based on this information. Thanks to past experience, training, and decision-tree models, this situation happens all the time. However, online forms rarely work like this.

The model also works for sales. Sales staff follow a script (or at least are trained to change their inquiries based on the responses of the potential consumer). For example, if a customer says they already own a product, the sales staff would not try and sell them that exact same product all over again. This is so obvious as to not be worth repeating.

Unfortunately, this type of clumsy, inefficient and off-putting experience is all too common in online interactions. So why wouldn't you teach your contact forms to make decisions and ask questions in response to the answers of the customer? If the answer was “because it's not possible”, or “it's too expensive”, that is no longer the case.

Not only does the technology exist, it is incredibly simple to use. The WEM Modeler allows contact forms to mirror the experience of dealing with real agents and sales staff, and have the questions they ask (or the answers they provide) change their experience. The result is an improved online experience, fewer contact points, and ultimately happier customers.