WEM Training, November 10&11, Amsterdam

Do you want to be able to make web applications, but don't want to program? Do you lack time to learn programming or development methods? Do it the lean way! With WEM, you easily bring your business processes online. You prototype and adjust the workflow to perfection, as you go. No need for long design- and development cycles!

In the WEM Basic training you will learn how to create a fully functioning web application, from scratch. In less than 30 minutes of training, you will have built a basic, yet fully functioning application! You will be presented with a business case and go through several development cycles, making your application larger and more functional each time. The training is highly interactive as we strongly believe that the best way of learning is doing.

After the WEM Basic training, you will be able to:

  • make simple WEM applications

  • add functionality and user interaction to existing WEM application

  • comprehend the flow and workings of complex WEM applications

  • make small to medium alterations to complex WEM applications

  • assess development effort of new functional requirements

  • test WEM applications

The WEM Basic training is for:

  • Anyone interested in creating web applications in a fast and lean way

  • Functional designers

  • Business analysts

  • 2nd line application support agents

  • WEM application developers, beginner level