Sample Application

A brand new CRM system in hours

When we really look at our workflows, the number of inefficiencies that are explained away by the phrases “that's just how it's done”or “you'll get used to it” can be staggering. Inexplicable processes, needing to move information from one program to use in another, costly software to perform one simple function.. the list goes on. Because humans are an incredibly adaptable species, we do “just get used to it”, but we don't have to.

Although WEM can't fix that printer that always seems to be broken, it is capable of meeting almost any other workflow problem you have – because you can design and execute the solution. Read on for an example.

Handmade Hatchets is a rapidly growing hatchet manufacturer out of Portland Oregon. They sell their high-end woodworking tools direct to consumers and also to hardware and outdoor shops. Since being featured on a daytime talk show their sales opportunities exploded. The spreadsheet tracking system they had been using was unable to cope with the increase in volume.

Their sales director fired up WEM and, in just a couple of hours, created a CRM program that the whole sales team can use. Everyone keeps track of their own leads, but can check on others to see how relationships with new, existing and prospective clients are going. The sales manager can also keep an eye on her team and support them where necessary. Everything is running smoothly, and leads are easily incorporated into the standard programme. It's easy to use and future proof.

Since sharing this at a director's meeting, other departments have found that they too can use WEM to design solutions for other situations as well. The organisation is growing faster, running smoother, and keeping its employees (and customers) happier.

The CRM system used by the (admittedly fictional) Handmade Hatchets is available to view here: CRM. If you're interested in trying WEM for yourself, create an account and you can copy this project from the examples and modify it for your own use. Imagine: your own completely customizable CRM system, instantly. And that's just one of the possible applications.