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WEM Success - Fortrus using WEM app “No Claims”

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Henk Vlug isn’t only the owner of Fortrus, he’s a true entrepreneur, too. A man with a hands-on mentality and an innovative mind. In fact, a very conscious innovative mind: “I only make sustainable decisions with a long-term vision in mind.” This was also the case when deciding to co-operate with ZoomBIM on the development of No Claims. The reason why? By choosing ZoomBIM’s platform WEM for building its application, Fortrus is able continuously develop the application’s structure, design and functionality.

Fortrus – a forerunner in real estate management

Fortrus is a real estate management firm located in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Real estate management includes technical, administrative and commercial management. Fortrus, as being one of few companies in the Netherlands, is specialized in technical management. With its team of 38 people, the company manages more than 6.000 properties and a total of 4 million square meters. The owners of these properties are big companies such as Redevco, Schiphol Real Estate and Syntrus Achmea. As you can imagine, managing such a big amount of real estate is quite a task.

Better monitoring with No Claims

In order to be able to manage such a substantial number of square meters properly, it requires a good and solid overview. Many different parts need to be considered and checked regularly. This includes elevators, fire extinguishers, electricity, air conditioning and door handles, just to name few. These regular checks are essential to ensure safety of the property itself, as well as of the people in and around it.

In co-operation with ZoomBIM and by using our platform WEM, Fortrus developed a new application, called No Claims. This application provides an easy overview of all required checks and their current status. Moreover, it automatically sends an email, showing the relation of the property’s status compared to security standards and legal inspections. “Basically, we’re now living in a world in which we hardly rely on humans, anymore, but machines. Facing such big upscaling of property, as we do today, systems like No Claims become indispensable”, says Henk Vlug. “No checks are allowed to be forgotten. Not even one, because it could turn into the cause of an accident as a consequence. Think of, for example, a fire or water damage. The era of confusing spreadsheets and paper work portfolio’s is in the past, for good.” Research, conducted by Fortrus, reveals that fire safety is rated as the top priority by big property owners. No Claims helps to accurately monitor these important checkups. It prevents that important elements that influence the safety, can be neglected.

A sustainable choice

Henk Vlug is an engineer himself. He knows how important checkups and maintenance of buildings is. Moreover, he has experience in programming and is therefore closely involved in the development of No Claims. As mentioned earlier, entrepreneur Vlug makes decisions that are very well thought through. He chose to develop No Claims with ZoomBIM’s WEM platform. This co-operation started in the summer of 2015. Now, only a couple of months later, customers are already using the application and are very satisfied with it. Vlug: “I chose WEM, because I wanted an application with a clear structure and a stable basis. At the same time, it needed to be flexible for making adjustments and provide room for further development, without having to change the stable basis. I was very surprised by how quickly No Claims was developed, it could already be used after a few months.”

No Claims reports are very well designed: Users see the status of checkups at a glance. No Claims reports are very well designed: Users see the status of checkups at a glance.

Before WEM, Fortrus was using a different system. This application was built on outdated programming language and was very complex. Vlug: “If we wanted to make adjustments in this system, it was very time consuming and we were dependent of IT specialists carrying it out. With WEM, we easily understand how the application is constructed. Therefore, adjustments are quickly and easily done.” Durability isn’t only important for making decisions for his company. Vlug makes sustainable choices in his personal live, too: “I’m producing more energy than I use. I try to achieve this kind of efficiency with property management as well. No Claims helps me with that.”

Trust and clear communication

Because of his programming experience, Vlug is able to clearly express what he has in mind for the development of the application: “Because of the company’s small scale, the communication with the employees of ZoomBIM is direct and informal. I like that. Our relationship is based on trust and clear communication. I find that crucial when doing business together.”

WEM allowed Vlug to build a tool that was payable, fast and flexible: “No Claims was built and tested in only a couple of months. Now it’s already been used by customers.” Also, the tool is now available in twelve languages and allows Fortrus to take their next step internationally. “Because of WEM, I can do what I do best: being a pioneer. It seems like the possibilities are endless.” That’s why Vlug decides: “We as a company can go in any direction we want, thanks to my sustainable decision of using WEM.”

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