Customer Success

VGZ – from big binders to digital dialogue support

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Nowadays at customer service, answers to your questions are given almost instantly. Making a quick call, writing an e-mail or asking your question via chat on the website; your answer will be provided in no time. This doesn’t happen just like that. There is a whole system supporting it, and it was developed for years in order to make it as efficient as possible. VGZ’s application Dialogue Support is a good example of such a welldeveloped system. Team lead of Knowledge management, Henk Jansen, and team member, Ton Nouwens, play a major role in making VGZ’s customer service as efficient as possible. They proudly tell their story.

From big binders to digital dialogue support

With around 4 million customers, there are quite some questions to be answered. As you might have experienced yourself, the variety of insurance companies and their terms of conditions can be overwhelming sometimes. In order to answer this big number of incoming questions as accurately, satisfactory and fast as possible, VGZ uses its application Dialogue Support. “The application Dialogue Support, also called DO [abbreviation for the Dutch name “Dialoog Ondersteuning”], is built with WEM,” Henk explains. “All information necessary to provide a good and quick answer during a telephone dialogue, can be found in DO.” This is very different compared to how we worked twenty years ago. Back then, there were big binders and huge piles of paperwork on our desks. You needed to quickly guide through the paperwork or even know the answers by heart. Henk remembers: “As you can imagine, the information shared wasn’t always as accurate and up to date as it should’ve been. In 2005 a digital knowledge system became available. It wasn’t as well equipped, but it was useful. At a certain point there was no denying that all information soon would be digitalized; Finally, we cleaned up all paperwork from the desks.”

Choosing WEM

The knowledge management system that was used from 2005 on wasn’t initially built in WEM, but built by using codes. During that time, there were different variations of the system for the different brands of VGZ. Ton doesn’t miss the old systems that were built in HTML: “Imagine maintaining all content with codes!? That was very labor-intensive and time consuming.” Therefore, in 2009 it was decided to develop one system in which all necessary information was centralized for all VGZ brands. A clear overview in which all information needed would be easily available to customer service. “We were looking for a solution to build the new system, so that it would support the dialogue between customer and service employee in the best possible way,” says Henk. “We had experiences with different software solutions for those kind of systems. But WEM turned out to be the best match for our needs: a platform in which we could build an application in a well-organized and structured way. An application in which content could be easily adjusted, without touching the HTML.” Today, the DO application supports about 800 VGZ customer advisors during their call with the customer. “DO became an essential system for our customer service.” Henk explains.

A stable basis and future opportunities

Ton is part of VGZ’s Knowledge management team: “We only need a small team, because WEM makes it easy to maintain the application. Even non-IT people are able to adjust content in WEM. For us, that’s the biggest advantage of the platform.” Another consequence for VGZ’s Knowledge management team is, that it doesn’t have its own fixed office with desks full of computer equipment, anymore. They work flexible at one of the many flex work spaces available at the VGZ head office in Eindhoven. That’s only possible, because they maintain the WEM software online. “Every now and then we get together as a team to brainstorm and have meetings. That’s very different from how we used to work. You were stuck to your desk, which was packed with computers and monitors. Now, the team is only physically present at the office, two days a week.”

A solid basis offers opportunities

“Having contact with the helpful staff of ZoomBIM, is very pleasant. If we get to a point at which we don’t know how to proceed, or we want to create something that we didn’t see as possibility before, they will customize it for us.” Ton explains satisfied. “They know us very well, because we’ve been working together for years. We appreciate that they do not only support us, but also think with us. We talk to each other on a daily basis and if necessary, they come by our office right away.” The two men are very positive about their future advantages with WEM. “We went from complex and time-consuming coding to a clear and visually attractive application,” illustrates Henk. “The structure and stable basis offers many opportunities for the future. Currently, we only use the Dialogue Support system for our call service. Soon, we also want to build dialogue supporting systems with WEM for our chat and e-mail service, as well as using it for maintaining our website content and knowledge management.” VGZ and ZoomBIM have great future plans together. The smooth partnership they maintain on the Dialogue Support application makes that possible. Now you know, what it takes to provide the answers to your questions for customer service. One thing is for sure, when calling VGZ it won’t take long to get to the right answer. Try them!