IT turned down your web application request?

Your company division has a great idea: you want to pimp up your services and increase support to deliver added value to your customers. Enthusiastically, you submit your idea to IT. You have high expectations that your simple, yet valuable application can be realized quickly. Unfortunately, the only thing you quickly realize, is that your IT-department turns you and your application request down: “We don’t have time for this. Maybe next year.”, is what you hear. However, next year this topic might not be as “hot” for your customers as it is today.

One of our clients, a legal consultant firm, had to deal with exactly this issue. They needed a web application and they needed it fast, because they wanted to respond to topics that are currently relevant to their customers. However, the company’s IT department had other priorities and no time to develop the so urgently needed application. Breaking free from their IT-dependency, the firm turned to ZoomBIM with his case: a “governance scan application”, with which healthcare facilities can get an indication on how well they do, according to the health sector governance code. This was relevant to the company’s customers, because healthcare facilities are expected to meet certain standards, as defined in the Health Sector Governance Code.

Our client needed a scanning application that would deliver helpful legal counselling on the healthcare facilities’ current state of governance. Next to that, they needed a basic knowledge management system, that would feed the scanning application with the right information, so that a valuable report would be generated for the customer. In only two weeks, the scanning application was up and running and is now digitally generating legal counselling reports for healthcare facilities.

Rather than wasting another year (and maybe longer), waiting for IT to finally have time to build the application, our client was able to create the desired application themselves and deliver added value to their customers, at a time when it’s relevant to them.