WEM – Rapid Application Modeling

“Will my customers understand what my product does for them?” – That is the big question, when introducing a new product to a new market.

As we have been introducing WEM to the market over the last couple of months, this question has been top of mind. Several different answers have been suggested: Is WEM a solution for the overstretched market for qualified programmers? Or, is WEM the solution for innovative business people, trying to respond fast(er) to their market needs? Maybe a bit of both?

While searching for the right words to help us describe WEM for the new website we released earlier this month, we found many words, phrases and descriptions that could be used to help explain our product to the market and new potential customers: Rapid Application Development, Application Acceleration, Model-Driven Development, application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) and many more options readily presented themselves. However, none felt like they fit WEM exactly. They all lacked in one way or the other.

So, we - our product, marketing and sales team - went back to an empty whiteboard for a brainstorm session, trying to find the essence of WEM and the precious first words we want to share with our potential customers in our sales and marketing efforts.

What we found was that most of our existing customers are on a journey, they themselves refer to as “Digital Transformation” - a movement in their organizations, where access to information is a core part of their ability to innovate and where business experts are given the freedom to interact with key information in any way they need. WEM provides these business experts the ability to be in charge of their own tools and optimize their processes and interactions with information without needing any traditional IT-type skills.

As a result, we introduce WEM as Rapid Application Modeling, enabling digital transformation of organizations through real-time, no-code application modeling.