Realizing my ideas with WEM

Letting your creativity go wild and being able to realize your ideas. To me, that is the best feeling. Next to my Sales Operations job at ZoomBIM, I’m a musician with heart and soul. When making music, I process my creative ideas in all kinds of rhythms, melodies and instruments. Both analog and digital. Music software has developed to indispensable instruments for many musicians, no matter if creating music in the studio or on stage. These technologies fascinate me.

Fascinating technology

Another technology that fascinates me, is one I discovered last year, the WEM Modeler. This software tool empowers me to realize all my business as well as administrative ideas, exactly the way I need it. That means, I create my own digital process solutions, despite the fact that I don’t have any programming skills. Here are some examples of web applications I’ve created with the WEM Modeler:

  • A web application for administration and billing of my private charging station for my electric car. It gives me insights in the administration and billing of my charging station.
  • An online registration application for primary school parents, making communication- and planning management a lot easier and faster among the parents.
  • A newspaper delivery application for my 11-year old son, who now manages his delivery area more efficiently.
  • A sales leads application that works best for my colleagues and I, compared to standard CRM Systems.
  • A sales knowledge system, where knowledge and experiences are shared among our sales team, making us stronger as individual sales managers and as a team.

It starts with a frustration

The initial starting point of every application is some kind of frustration. For example, the vendor of my private charging station provides an online registration application. However, it doesn’t offer any possibility of billing, which I find convenient to have. So one night, I created my own application while sitting on the couch (and watching The Voice on TV). That's what I usually do (I don’t mean watching The Voice), I grab my laptop, get immediately started and create a digital solution for whatever I need. It works perfectly, because I know best what I need and how I need it. It takes only four hours on average to develop those applications. They help me manage my daily routine more efficiently, as well as support me in managing complex processes, such as extensive business project processes. Even my colleagues work with the web applications I create. How cool is that!?