From scattered information to central content management

The social sector is shifting to a self-organizing way of working. This is realized by professionals working together in social district teams. Every day Divosa members support people in the community and enable them to actively take part in society. Divosa fulfills the role of the association for social sector executives and stimulates this new and integral way of working.

The whole point of an integral social district team is the diversity of the team-members, each with his own expertise, knowledge and experience. Accessibility to this specific information, however, is scattered and unclear. The self-organizing teams need a central database, that they can consult when necessary. That’s where Divosa’s knowledge guide (Kenniswijzer) comes in. It literally guides the way to the required knowledge, providing members with clear references to relevant knowledge. In this centralized content management system best practice examples, research and background information come together. Divosa’s members now have easy and quick access to the information they need that supports them in their daily work. The co-created system fits the self-organizing way of working of the district teams, perfectly. Divosa aims for their members to manage the content themselves, easily add, link and unlink content items and thereby evolving the platform.

Kenniswijzer Screenshot Kenniswijzer

The knowledge guide was built within only one month, with WEM. Not only the knowledge guide itself, but the backend system to administrate the content, as well. Two Divosa employees followed a two-day WEM Training and are now enabled to maintain and further expand the system themselves, thereby quickly responding to developments in the social sector.

In need of a content management system yourself? Check out Divosa’s knowledge guide or create a WEM account (it’s free!) and find out for yourself how WEM enables you to create your own custom content management system, without programming.