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Perined – Taking innovation in own hands, with the right IT

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Data management plays a major role in recent developments in the health care sector. Perined is one of the leading companies in health care data management. By managing data registrations, the company contributes to improving the quality of birth care in the Netherlands. Perined built a new application in WEM to apply data in an optimum way. The result is a user-friendly registration procedure that also creates room for innovation, as Ger de Winter, director of Perined, tells us more about.

A noble cause

“Infant mortality during birth giving is quite high in the Netherlands compared to other European countries, especially if you look at Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden,” Ger explains. “By providing a health care information registry, including feedback, we contribute to improving the quality of birth care in the Netherlands. The data that we deliver is being used to improve the health care process.”

This is a noble cause in which IT plays a major role: “With WEM we were able to optimize the information stream and make information management easier to handle and more user friendly.”

Time for change

Because of the merger of two companies, the data streams of the registration branch (PRN) and the audit branch (PAN) needed to be combined.

“We were still working with an outdated database, with a lot of information from past years. This system was replaced with the merger,” Ger explains. Many different types of information input and output needed to be managed. It was decided to build a new system, instead of modifying the old one.

“We did this with WEM because we could build the new structure fast, including all necessary requirements. We wanted our own control of our applications, which was an important aspect in making our choice. With WEM we are able to manage and develop the applications ourselves.”

An audit input system was already available. However, entering forms was so difficult that you needed a manual to do it.

“A very user-unfriendly system. We received many complaints over the past years,” Mieke Stam, data manager at Perined, explains. The merger was the perfect timing to develop a new, more user-friendly application.

Convenient software

The new application is not only convenient for health care professionals to use, but also for internal use at Perined. The company is able to further develop and customize the application independently.

“Another advantage is the fast time-to-market. We develop the application ourselves, make adjustments in the basic architecture, and it can immediately be published. We are no longer forced to outsource our IT tasks. With only some training, we were good to go.”

In addition to being the data manager at Perined, Mieke is also a WEM expert after a three day WEM Training.

“WEM makes so many things possible. We can now easily expand applications and create new products ourselves.” Mieke tells us enthusiastically. “We were surprised about how fast we were able to take control of the software ourselves. The basic architecture was ready in December. After the last 20% of testing, adjusting, and processing requests, we were able to launch the application in February. We have received a lot of positive feedback from users ever since. If only we had known about WEM earlier. It’s so easy, fast and convenient.” Mieke continues, “The moment WEM came into our lives, a lot of things changed!”

WEM offers opportunities for the future

WEM shares its knowledge and thereby empowers organizations to develop applications of their own. Sharing knowledge, rather than keeping it internally, is the premise. While developing the application, Mieke also trained two colleagues on-the-job in WEM. They have continued developing the application as well as building new applications for Perined. With their newly gained expertise, Mieke and her colleagues now have the freedom to build any solution themselves, and fast.

“We also developed a birth record system that is used in Uganda, Africa, together with WEM. It’s a great example of sustainable IT-knowledge deployment. Who knows what else these kind of cloud-IT-solutions can offer in the future. In any case,” Ger tells us, “we have enough ideas.”