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Wereld Administratie – From accountant to entrepreneur

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“I can easily fill my days with standard activities, as we are used to as accountants. Carry them out as I learned at school and as I did for many years in my previous permanent job. However, I probably won’t have any job anymore in ten years.” director of Wereld Administratie, Philippe Peerboom, explains. His company is not a standard administration office anymore, since they developed their own tool with WEM.

“We keep our eyes open for what is happening around us, we think of new solutions for problems that we face ourselves and think forward,” Phillippe tells. “It’s a fact that digitalization and automation changes our business. I don’t see it as a problem, because so many activities are standard procedure, anyways. I do it the same way for 15 years, already. I have no interest to continue like that. I want to automate our processes, carry out new ideas and personally advise our clients on how they can move forward.”

Too many tools slow down the work process

Wereld Administratie was facing some practical issues in their work process. Almost everything was done digitally. However, because the company used a different tool for each activity, it slowed down their work process and made it complicated.

“We were looking for a new solution, where our data, forms as well as our internal organization could be managed in one place. WEM turned out to be an ideal match, because we could design the tool exactly as we wanted and we could develop it ourselves, internally and independently.” Together with his team, Philippe developed a tool that brings together all separate tools used before. The company therewith automated their activities and gave structure to their internal work process.

Centrally manage and organized

Wereld Administratie’s primary need was a centralized database containing all client information. A convenient overview was created that holds the contact person of an organization, related tasks and which employee is responsible for the account. A clear and transparent system. Along the way, additional functionalities were developed that make the tool even more versatile. For example, project planning, registration of contact moments and templates for letters and e-mails. Furthermore, a knowledge base was added, to support the employees with content specific activities: “In this way, we stimulate our employees and trainees to collaborate in the virtual environment and support them with the knowledge base for substantive issues.”

Developed internally and independently

The tool was developed internally and independently with the WEM platform. That means, the tool can also be further developed, in house. Philippe and his team defined what the tool should entail. A dedicated team member enthusiastically set to work, just after a couple of days of WEM Training. “Step by step we continue extending the tool, we immediately use it and thereby test the new functionalities and adjust them, if applicable.”

More personal contact through automated processes

Another tool for income tax return is being developed in WEM. “Many people hire administrative offices, like us, to do the income tax return for them. In that case, we need certain information from you, “ Philippe tells. Rather than having loose papers, receipts and files, they simplified the declaration process with an online questionnaire. The client fills in all required information and attaches relevant files. With the information provided through the online questionnaire, Wereld Administratie submits the tax declaration.

“Automating the intake process saves us and our client a lot of hassle, time and costs,” Philippe explains. “You can still submit a consultation request via our tool, for example for unusual situations. That’s possible, because the time we save with our tool, we now spend on more personal contact with our clients.”

Taking on opportunities as an entrepreneur

Philippe has great experience in the business, stays up to date of latest developments in the sector and has a sense for IT. With WEM he develops successful tools to bring his business forward. “We don’t even call ourselves accountants, anymore, but entrepreneurs. Because we keep developing new solutions and think along with other entrepreneurs. Most of our competitors lag behind, they don’t go along with the digital age. We, however, make use of the opportunities that IT offers us.” Plans are being made to offer the tool that the company developed to the market: “This allows us to help others and earn back our investments,” Philippe tells enthusiastically. “We’ll continue developing the tool. Because of WEM, we have a lot of new ideas for additional functionalities and new products. We won’t get bored, that’s certain!”