Fully unleash the unlimited power of WEM

Ever thought you'd learn how to build fully functional and professional applications in only 5 days? And even become a Pro that is capable to fully integrate your applications in the existing IT landscape of your organization by investing only two days more? Try that with coding!

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WEM Basic

During the WEM Basic training you will learn how to create a fully functional web application from scratch. In less than 30 minutes, you will have built a basic, yet fully functioning application. You will be guided through several development cycles, while you watch your application develop and mature in real-time.

After this highly interactive training, you will be able to:

  • simply make your own WEM applications

  • add functionality and user interaction to existing WEM applications

  • comprehend the flow and mechanisms of complex WEM applications

  • make small to medium alterations to complex WEM applications

  • assess development effort of new functional requirements

  • test WEM applications

For whom is this training interesting?

  • anyone interested in creating web applications in a fast and lean way

  • functional designers

  • business analysts

  • 2nd line application support agents

  • WEM application developers, beginner level

WEM Advanced

WEM Advanced is a 3 day course aimed at more advanced WEM modeler that have completed the WEM Basic course. Material covered in this training:

Day 1 – User Experience

  • Alerts, panels, conditionals, template fragments, responsiveness

  • Authorization Module

  • Validation

  • Master templates

  • Ontology

Day 2 – Advanced Database Techniques

  • Related tables

  • Referential integrity

  • Lists

  • Getrecord

  • Calculated fields

  • Advanced expressions

  • Datamodel design

Day 3 – Advanced Database Techniques (ctd)

  • Continuation Advanced Database Techniques

  • Release and project management

  • Debugging

  • Best practices and conventions

The WEM Basic course is a required prerequisite for enrollment in the WEM Advanced course.

WEM Pro Integration

The 2 day WEM Integration Training allows you to fully unleash the unlimited power of WEM and seamlessly connect to any other system. You will be able to fully integrate your applications in the existing IT landscape of your organization.

Topics covered:

  • WEM Data Architecture

  • Import and Export data

  • OData Consume and expose

  • SOAP webservice consume and expose, certificates

  • REST webservice consumer

  • Http request integration (Get, Post, etc.)

  • Widget integration

  • Real time applications

  • Big Data platform integration

  • Using your own domainname and SMTP mailserver

  • Embedding via iFrame

The WEM Advanced course is a required prerequisite for enrollment in the WEM Pro course.

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