Conference highlights:

What's all the “techcitement” about?

From mobile services, widgets, WEM 4.0 runtime and technology updates – Let’s zoom in on the technology track of the WEM Conference 2018. Dive into the world of WEM with our technical masterminds!

Mobile services on the edge
Last year we showed you that WEM applications are fully responsive. Meaning: their appearance automatically alters depending on the type of device a user is opening and viewing the application on, such as a phone or tablet, as opposed to a computer.

Our tech team made sure WEM applications are not only responsive, but native too. The principal advantage of native apps is that they optimize the user experience. By being designed and developed for a specific platform, such as iOS for Apple or for Android, they look and perform better on such devices.

Are you ready to learn all about cloud native architecture; from Internet of Things concepts to edge computing? We’re excited to show you a whole new meaning of “living on the edge”!

Wild about widgets
Did you know the possibilities with widgets are endless? Widgets are application extensions; often part of a larger application already installed on the device. In short, widgets provide you with quick access to information without requiring you to open the application that manages this information.

Take the Calendar or Google maps widget: you can simply integrate this with your WEM application. Widgets like these will provide you a quick view of your upcoming calendar events or requested location within your WEM app without having to open the Calendar or Google application.

Ticking off the what, why and how, you’ll discover widgets are the perfect add-on for your WEM apps!

Behind the scenes
Get a VIP tour what’s on during WEMs runtime given by our tech mastermind. This session is twofold: Learn about high performance data processing and infrastructure aspects of the No-Code platform.

Hidden treasures WEM 4.0
With a 1-on-1 comparison between WEM 3 and 4, here we’ll shed light on the technology gems of our latest update. Our tech team’s given our Platform a complete make-over. Creating a whole new user interface as well as including, for example, many more drag and drop possibilities and automation options; the user experience is fully optimized! Beware, this will rock your world.

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September 25th, 2018 at De Fabrique Utrecht.

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My team and I look forward to welcoming you coming September 25th at DeFabrique Utrecht!

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