WEM Wizard Conference 2018

WEM Wizard: Request your Custom-Made Solution

To WEM or not to WEM? There is no question about it … to WEM is the only answer. For those in need of a little persuasion about WEM being the answer to all their process optimization prayers we will work our magic during the WEM Conference September 25th.

WEM Wizard Ralph will put a magic spell on one of our conference visitors requests for either a new WEM application or an adjustment within an existing WEM application. His magic kettle will brew a custom-made solution to the chosen problem. In order to win the WEM Wizards magic solution we need you to apply your request. What do we need to know?

* Name
* Company
* Mobile number
* Username (In case of existing WEM project)
* Project name (In case of existing WEM project)
* General description of your idea

You can either email your request right now to or you can make you plea in person at the conference September 25th. If you haven’t registered to visit the conference yet don’t wait out and guarantee your invitation. Register here and save a seat for your preferred break-out session!

All WEM Wizard requests will be handed over to Ralph at the conference at noon and he will handpick one of them. During networking & drinks Ralph will reveal how he made magic through WEM Modeler. Not only will he showcase the solution, but he will also give away all the tricks he used to come to the end result.

And we are sure everybody will live happily ever after.

How to?

E-mail your request to Your request must contain your problem or your idea for a WEM application or an adjustment to an existing WEM application (mention your username and project name). Explain what you want as detailed as you can.

The more information you can give us the better your chances are of winning. Also mention if you want your solution to be integrated with existing systems. And don’t forget to mention your mobile number so we can contact you at the conference if you are the lucky winner and perhaps to get some additional information if needed.

Register now to attend our conference September 25th at De Fabrique in Utrecht!

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