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Effectively managing food safety world-wide

“FSSC 22000 was looking for an all-in-one solution: A service provider and software package in one, that could be integrated into or on top of the existing IT infrastructure”, Jules Rojer, Technical Manager at FSSC 22000 indicates. “A platform that would empower us to easily create an application, which would run behind the website, that could generate data and information to be shown on the website itself.” That’s exactly what no-code application platform WEM offers this internationally acknowledged organization.

Internationally used by 18.000+ organizations

The Food Safety System Certification, FSSC 22000, provides a framework for effectively managing food safety responsibilities of international organizations. FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing ISO Standards. “By being certified, companies demonstrate to have robust Food Safety Management Systems in place that meet the requirements of customers and consumers”, Jules introduces.

As of yet, 18.000+ organizations over 140 countries are FSSC 22000 certified. With currently 110+ Licensed Certification Bodies and over 1,500 auditors worldwide, FSSCs mission is to provide a trusted brand assurance platform to the consumer goods industry.

FSSC22000 Success Case WEM portal
FSSC 22000s dashboard, built in WEM, gives a clear overview of certified organizations world-wide

A secure online certification scheme

“In order to support the existing IT infrastructure behind FSSC, we were looking for an all-in-one solution: A service provider and software package in one”, Jules explains. “Empowering us to easily create an application, which would run behind the website, generating data and information to be shown on the website itself.”

The Scheme sets out the requirements to assess the food safety system of food manufacturing organizations and to issue a certificate. This certificate indicates that the organizations food safety system is in conformance with the requirements which are given in the Scheme and that the organization is able to maintain conformance with these requirements.

In the online portal built in WEM, fully supports the FSSC 22000 workflow. “Certifying bodies can upload requirements and data corresponding with specific certificates”.

Subsequently, the FSSC secretariat makes use of this application to verify which organizations have been certified. All certified organizations are transparently displayed on the portal, which is accessible for the public.

Live in 12 weeks versus 18 months

In July 2017, FSSC 22000 reached out to WEM partner M+ with their challenge. “The application needed to be live by the 1st of January 2018”, Rene Posthuma, Business Consultant at M+ describes. “October 8th, 2017 we started modeling this project in the WEM platform, finishing the application on the 8th of December 2017”. Hence, with a total development time of just 12 weeks, FSSC even had enough time to test their application. His amazement still being obvious, Jules adds: “Everyone agrees this is an extraordinary result!”

“If we would have developed this application based on traditional development methods, including a technical and functional design, and by programming this with a visual studio, .NET developer platform”, Rene makes a striking comparison: “It would have taken us 18 months to develop a system like this, which is being used world-wide, in multiple languages, and integrated in FSSCs existing infrastructure”.

Off-line in the middle of nowhere

Business environments and needs evolve continuously. The WEM platform’s flexibility and speed matches this perfectly; new functionalities can always be added to existing enterprise applications. “Future developments of WEM that we are very excited about is the platform will enable us to use the application while being off-line”, Jules explains. “This way an auditor can fill out a report in the portal on premise while being off-line, and as soon as there is an Internet connection, this data will be synchronized and saved to the database”. This functionality is planned to be made available early 2019.

For FSSC 22000 it is key to support auditors all over the world. Including the ones who find themselves at organizations located in the middle of nowhere. With the organization’s portal built in WEM, auditors can conveniently do their job anywhere. “This way, it’ll truly become a service tool for end-users of this application”. That’s how, via this online dashboard, the safety of food and drinks is ensured for consumers globally. Effortlessly effective and with great transparency.