Calendar functionality If you want to use calendar or date and time functionality within you applications you can use different calendar widgets depending on the desired functionality. WEM offers a calendar, agenda and timeline widget. Depending on the desired use and...

WEM Widgets

Check WEMScript documentation for documentation and typical widget structure outline. Check Widgets on MyWEM Forum for example widgets, technical explanations and active discussions. See for examples and descriptions of most of...

Wem Storage Options

The WEM platform offers several distinct storage mechanisms for your application data. In this article we will discuss each of these options and what to consider if you intend to use them. Ontology Data organization: The ontology allows you to organize data in a tree...

Expose your data via OData

WEM supports OData both to expose your project’s data as well as consume other external OData sources. OData is an open protocol that allows you to consume or expose data through simple web requests. It builds upon the ideas of REST. Introduced by Microsoft in...

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