Developing building management software with no-code



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Automating processes with no-code development

How to manage more than 6.000 properties and a total of 4 million square meters with a small team of 40? From efficiently monitoring fire extinguishers, alarm systems and escalators to scheduling meetings related to certifications and insurances. Fortrus’ building management software, built with no-code platform WEM, gives property owners and managers full control over safety, maintenance and facility management. Always and everywhere.

Intuitive, fast and agile

Fortrus’ building management software includes a wide range of functionalities. Developed with the powerful features of our no-code platform:
  • Multi-lingual and multi-device dashboard
  • Real-time insight into all building management activities
  • 24/7/365 remote management with automatic updates by e-mail
  • Intuitive and flexible application development
  • Extensive authorization – administration by several users from different locations
  • Easy integration with partner systems
  • Self-configurable to specific business needs and situations
Developing building management software with no-code

Goodbye confusing spreadsheets and stacks of paperwork

“When facing such big upscaling of property, as we do today, systems like this become indispensable”, Henk Vlug (Owner, Fortrus). This building management software offers customers like Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Bouw Invest and PLUS real-time access to up-to-date information on the state of repair, maintenance and more.

Concise reports and automatic updates make it possible to monitor large amounts of data and ensure progress and quality of work. “No safety checks are allowed to be forgotten. Not even one, because it could turn into the cause of an accident as a consequence. The era of confusing spreadsheets and paper work portfolios is in the past for good.”

Software with a clear structure and stable basis [...] no-code platform WEM provides the flexibility to continue building and make adjustments easily

Henk Vlug
Owner, Fortrus

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World-wide Auditing

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Sales and Operations

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