User-friendly software to manage data

Improving the quality of prenatal care in the Netherlands by sharing knowledge between stakeholders in the sector. That’s what Perined wants to achieve. Hence, data management plays a major role in the healthcare sector. For all the available knowledge to be efficiently managed, the organization developed user-friendly data management software with no-code development platform WEM. Read on to find out how this solution helps Perined achieve its admirable ambitions.

Develop and deploy custom software within weeks

Multiple types of information streams, from seperate companies, have been combined and are now managed by this software. The basic architecture was ready in one month. After the last 20% of testing, adjusting, and processing requests, Perined launched the application in February. Deployment of software with no-code development platform WEM is 10 times faster than traditional methods.

Sustainable IT solutions in the healthcare sector

“Infant mortality is quite high in the Netherlands compared to other European countries”, explains Ger de Winter, director at Perined. By providing a healthcare information registry, including feedback processes, Perined contributes to improving the quality of birth care in the Netherlands. “We were able to optimize the information stream, and enhance user-friendliness, with this new data management software built with no-code development platform WEM”. In addition, Perined developed a cloud-based birth record system that is used in Uganda, Africa. Talk about a great example of sustainable IT-knowledge deployment.


Full control of our applications and fast time-to-market […] WEM empowers us to develop the software ourselves

Perined’s application is not only for external healthcare professionals to use, but also for internal use. After only 3 days of WEM training, employees are able to further develop and customize their software independently. They make adjustments in the basic architecture, which can immediately be published. “We are no longer forced to outsource our IT tasks. With only some training, we were good to go.”

Mieke Stam
Data Manager, Perined

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