The My WEM self service portal is the place where all WEM users, partners and distributors can manage their own WEM environment.
This article discusses the specific features for WEM partners and distributors. The My WEM section where these features are available is only accessible to employees of WEM partners and distributors. So make sure you are registered as an employee before you access the partner section.

You access the partner section bij clicking on the Partner tab at the bottom of the left-hand navigation of My WEM. If you cannot see this option, you are not registered as an employee of your company.
Depending on your role you now have access to one or more of of the features that are available for you:

Partner Portal

Partner Portal

Cascading model

The partner sections heavily relies on the relationships that exists:

  • WEM manages distributors
  • Distributors manage their partners
  • Partners manage their customers

This model has been aplied to all the functionality. That means the scope of information access is the following:

  • Partners have access to all their customers and all the information that is related to their customers. They cannot access any other information.
  • Distributors have access to all information that is related to their partners and the customers of their partners.
  • WEM can access all information.

Example: partners can see all support tickets that have been created by their customers or themselves. But no other ticket information can be accessed.

Keep this in mind when you use the My WEM partner section!

How to use the functionality

To learn how to use the partner/distributor features, read one (or all) of the following articles:

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