The My WEM portal is a personal self-service WEM portal. Here you can find your projects, change your settings, look at support tickets, book a training, etc. Everyone with a WEM account gets access to My WEM.

My WEM Portal

By clicking on login in the upper right hand corner, you get to the My WEM login page. Alternatively, you can go to My WEM is the central self service location from where you can access all your WEM information. Once you are logged in, you have access to a wide range of information and functions. This article describes all of it. The sections below each discuss the functionality as it is available in My WEM.

Get Started

Here you can easily start all the WEM projects for which you have access. ‘My WEM Projects’ lists all your projects, grouped by Workspace. You see your own workspaces and projects, but also workspaces and projects that are not your’s but for which you have permission to access them. Clicking on a project opens that project in the WEM Modeler. The ‘WEM Example projects’ has a number of WEM Projects that are examples of how to use WEM and the various features. You can access these projects by copying a project to your workspace (simply hit the Copy button for the project you want to use). From there on you can study the project, make changes, or use it as a base to build your own functionality.


All upcoming training courses are listed here.

My WEM - Training

My WEM – Training

If you want to take a certain training course, you can simply hit the Register button and the system will guide you through the process to sign you up for the training you’re interested in. At the right hand bottom of the screen, you will find the Training modules button.

My WEM - Training Modules button

My WEM – Training Modules button

My WEM - Training modules

My WEM – Training modules

When you click on this button, you have access to training material for any training that you have done in the past or for which you have registered.


My WEM - Statistics

My WEM – Statistics

In the Statistics section of My WEM, you can find statistical information with regards to load and performance of your WEM projects. It provides you with a clear overview of how your projects are performing. The information that is presented shows all performance information with regards to the way your project has been performing over the last 30 minutes. To use the statistics, you start with selecting the project for which you want to have the performance overview. You are presented with a list of your projects: simply select one, and the statistics for this project are displayed.  The first graph shows response time (in seconds) of the selected project, compared to the WEM platform over the last hour. This show you two things:

  1. The response times for your project
  2. If there are any performance issues, it shows you whether this is an application issue, or the WEM platform itself is experiencing performance issues.
My WEM - Statistics

My WEM – Statistics

My WEM - Statistics

My WEM – Statistics

The graph is very useful to get a clear understanding of the performance your users should experience. The blue line show the response time of the WEM platform, the green line the performance of the selected application. The second graph shows the platform load of a specific zone over the last hour. A zone is an infrastructural indication of where your application resides. The graph is a very good indication of the total load of the WEM infrastructure and how the selected application impacts the load of the platform. The graph shows how the application (blue line), the database (green line) and the sessions (red line) impact the overall load of the platform. In the example above, the total load never exceeds the 25% of the total available platform load.

Personal demo

My WEM - Schedule Online WEM demo

My WEM – Schedule Online WEM demo

If you are interested in a free demo, you can request one. Simply select a date, a time and, fill in the form and the demo is scheduled!


The pricing section shows the various license models you can use for your application. The differences are listed, and in the near future you can sign up WEM subscription online. You can also look at some pricing examples. The examples are based on real applications that are currently in use by various customers. This overview gives you an idea of the cost of a WEM application. You will also find a list of everything that is included in the prices mentioned in these examples.

My Support

My WEM - Support

My WEM – Support

My WEM - Support ticket

My WEM – Support ticket

All support issues and questions, as well as feature requests can be fully managed through My WEM. You can create a new support ticket, get an overview of the various tickets you have submitted or see the details of an existing ticket. In other words, My Support is a complete self-service support environment. To create a new ticket, simple hit the + New ticket button. When you create a new ticket you get the following form:  Now select the Element for which you want to create a ticket. An element is a specific part of the WEM Platform. Next you give a short description of the issue or question in the Subject field. When this is done you select the ticket type. You can choose one of the following:

  • Bug – wrong behavior
  • Bug – error message
  • Feature request
  • Network issue
  • Question
My WEM - Support ticket details

My WEM – Support ticket details

Once all the fields have been selected, you are now presented with the possibility to write a more elaborate description of the issue: If necessary you can also attach multiple files to a ticket. When you’re done, hit the Submit button and the ticket is created. You will receive an email confirming the new tickets. The system automatically takes you back to the ticket overview, where you can open your tickets to check the status, or add information (only for tickets that are open and have not yet been assigned to a WEM engineer).

My settings

My WEM - My Settings

My WEM – My Settings

My WEM – Company infoMy Settings provides information about your account and your company. At the top of the screen you will find your personal information: At the bottom your company’s information is displayed, including information on the license that is used by your company.My WEM - Company info

My WEM – Company infoThe overview of the contacts of your company can contain multiple entries for a single contact: there is an entry for each role a contact has. If you have the correct role, you can manage the company’s information: change the basic information (not the license information) and manage the contacts. The roles you need to access this information, are ‘Business’, ‘License’, ‘Technical’ or ‘Security’.


The Partner section is only available to WEM Distributors and WEM partners, not to regular customers. A WEM partner can use this section to get access to information regarding his customer(s).

My WEM - Partner portal

My WEM – Partner portal

Manage companies and accounts

This section gives you two options:

  • create usage reports
  • lists all the clients and partners of the user’s company, and access their information

Creating usage reports

My WEM - Usage report parameters

My WEM – Usage report parameters

It is possible to create usage reports, to get a detailed overview of the WEM usage of a customers. To create a usage report, you can either create a usage report for all your customers, or search for the customer you want the usage report for. When you have searched for the customer (or want the usage report for all your customers), click on the Usage report button. You are now presented with a screen where you can specify some paramaters for the report creation:

  • From / To: Specify the preiod for which you want the usage report.
  • Mail Details: check this box if you want the usage information emailed to you.
  • License Compare: when this box is checked, you will also be presented with an overview of what the license cost would be for the various license models, based on the usage of the given period.
  • Include Internal: specify if you want to include the communication between the various WEM projects in the usage report.

When all the parameters are set, click the Generate report(s) button to create the usage report.

Get customer information

When you have selected Manage companies and accounts you are presented with a list of all your customers (and also partners, of you’re a distributor). To get customers information, hit the Details (i) button or simply click on the customer name. You are then provided with all the client’s (or partner’s) details.

Company Details

The details are grouped in a number of sections. First of all there is the Company Details section:

My WEM - Company Details

My WEM – Company Details

This information can be edited by selecting the Edit button, which brings you to the edit form, which is self explanatory.


The Employees section of the clients overview lists all Employees of the customer that are known to WEM. Employees can easily be added:

  • Select employees – when this button is selected, you can select an employee. You are presented with a list of all known contacts from which you can select the person that should be added as an employee. The employee must have a WEM account to appear in the list of known contacts.
  • New employee – this brings up a form to add a new user to WEM, who will automatically be added as a new employee.

To delete an employee, simply click on the X. NOTE: the employee that is deleted is not deleted from WEM. So the user can still use his/her WEM account, but is no longer recognized as an employee of the company.


The Tickets section lists all open tickets for the customer (or partner). You can filter the tickets and/or directly access the ticket details of an individual ticket.

My WEM - Open Tickets per company

My WEM – Open Tickets per company

Portal information

The next section lists all portals that are in use by the customer. All the projects that run in Staging or Production are listed here, including the URL to the portals. For every portal the following functions are available:

  • Portal usage: clicking on the portal usage opens a form where you can select the period for which you want the usage report. Then click on Get and the report is generated.
  • Performance monitoring: this is where you specify if you want a specific portal to appear in the Statistics section of My WEM. When you click on the performance button, you get a popup where you can either add the portal to the Statistics overview (Create or remove the portal from the Statistics overview (Delete ALL references to host in monitoring tool). When you press Create, you can (optionally) specify a specific path for that portal. When the Save button is clicked, the portal is added to the Statistics overview (it takes a few minutes before the first data is available).:
  • Scheduling / Cron management: to perform tasks automatically at given intervals, you can add cron jobs. For more information regarding cron jobs, please read the WEM Cron help.
My WEM - Portal overview

My WEM – Portal overview

Manage your customer’s tickets

When you select Manage tickets after you selected Partner, you get a list of all the open tickets of all of your partners/customers. You can search for tickets, add filters, etc. Clicking on the Edit button for a specific ticket, you can manage that ticket.

My WEM - Tickets overview

My WEM – Tickets overview


When you open the CRM section, you get to the WEM CRM system. Partners and distributors store all WEM-related customer information in this system. A detailed description of the CRM usage will be provided to all partners and distributors.

License Calculator

To help partners with calculating the monthly license cost of an application, the license csalculator was developed. This calculator helps you with calculating the number of events and the monthly utility price. The calculator is very easy to work with:

My WEM - License Calculator

My WEM – License Calculator

  • Start with selectimng the type of application. Based on that application type, a number of additional fields appear. Just fill in these fields and the calculator calculates the expected number of monthjly events and the accompanying price.
  • If you need to be more specific, you can click on the Technical details tab. You now get the possibility to finetune the calculation:


My WEM - License Calculator Details

My WEM – License Calculator Details

  • The Technical details page allows you to enter the specific number of events for any event type that is used to calculate the price, which gives you great control over the calculation.

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