The AesDecrypt() function decrypts an encrypted Base64-encoded Ciphertext based on the given parameters, using the AES-256-CBC decryption method (wikipedia), with PKCS7 padding.


AesDecrypt(encryptedValue, key, vector)
AesDecrypt(encryptedValue, key, vector, BOM)


A new text that is a decrypted value.


  • encryptedValue: the encrypted text to be decrypted;
  • key: the secret to be used for the decryption; this has to be a Hexadecimal value of 64 characters (function AesKey() generates a valid key);
  • vector: the initialization vector, a Hexadecimal value of 32 characters (function AesIv() generates a valid vector);
  • BOM: a boolean to include the ByteOrderMark (default true, based on Microsoft .Net implementation); if the encryptedValue was encrypted in other Non-Microsoft environments, this value probably needs to be set to False.


AesDecrypt("vujMotswVUJ14554DGmVQmB8CoJvOhXdhEZvdj6paY8=", [Settings.AesKey], [Settings.AesVector], false)

Result : Example of Encrypted Value
AesKey value: 81d21bc45b70212e9449728b34a8e08413003176e8092eb18119ede0f6651b66
AesVector value: c28a26824fd0fdce36ab966f1c43692b

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