EY HVG quick scan app with no-code development
EY HVG quick scan app with no-code development

A compliance app developed with no-code

Leading law firm EY/HVG provides national and international support in areas such as business law, IT and privacy, entrepreneurship and healthcare. Francijn de Rotte, a lawyer at EY/HVG, saw an opportunity to bring demands arising from the healthcare sector and HVG’s service closer together. By developing an app with no-code platform WEM. This Healthcare Governance Scan generates overviews of the state of compliance with governance and regulations for healthcare institutions.

Reducing time and costs, increasing efficiency

Previously, a governance compliance analysis by EY/HVG took a lot of time: getting in touch with customers, conducting intakes, evaluating results. Now, healthcare facilities learn if they comply with regulations within 5 minutes. After using the app, they immediately receive a report with results. It also shows what areas need improvement. This way, EY/HVG aims to inform and get in contact with facilities, as well as get to know their current situation so it can offer its services in a more targeted way. Checking all these boxes, the quick scan cuts time and costs and increases efficiency for both healthcare organizations and EY/HVG.

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No-code versus traditional development

EY/HVG had some requirements for the tool. Content should be easy to manage and maintain. For example, in case regulations change or if EY/HVG decides to target other sectors. Another requirement was that the analysis report would be immediately available to the respondent. “Our internal IT department was not able to quickly provide such a tool. Developing this app with no-code platform WEM made it all possible”, says Francijn. “Also, WEM proved to be more cost-efficient than traditional development”.

Our Healthcare Governance Scan was built and deployed in just 1 sprint with WEM. That’s 2 weeks.

EY/HVG is a large organization with many layers and processes. “It would have been very time consuming to develop such a tool internally”, Francijn explains. “Having developed our app with no-code platform WEM offers opportunities for the entire organization. We already have the structure — only the content has to be adapted to other sectors”.

Francijn de Rotte
Lawyer, EY/HVG

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