With how many people can I work on the same project?

There is no limitation to the number of people that can work on the same project. The owner of a project can invite as many people as needed to work on the same project, and give every person a specific role within the project. Read more on this topic.

Can someone else build an application for me?

This is certainly possible. WEM has a network of partners that are specialized in building WEM applications. You can contact a WEM partner in your region and work with that partner to build the application(s) you need.

How do I install WEM?

You don’t. WEM is delivered as an aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service) solution. Therefore, you do not have to install anything. WEM is accessible through your browser and we take care of all the platform and software management. This way you can focus entirely...

Can I Model my business processes in WEM to digitize them?

Yes. This is what WEM is all about. You can easily create your processes in WEM using the drag-and-drop functionality of our Modeler. These processes are then turned into an application that is fully based on the processes as you defined them. And these processes can...

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Videos and images courtesy of WEM Modeler.
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