Integrations and connections

integrating with legacy and other systems

Integrate Securely and Quickly With Anything   

WEM makes integration and connection with just about anything – a much simpler task.

Consuming and exposing a secure API or web service takes minutes using a wizard like interface.

Your developers can easily create backend, workflow and data integration. The advantages for your organisation are enormous as it allows you to extend the life and functionality of existing legacy systems, modernise your software, drastically reduce the duration and complexity of delivery cycles and lower the total cost of ownership.        

Rapid & Secure Integrations

Developers use WEM to create and manage secure integration without the need to write code. Standards include REST API, SOAP, ODATA, RAW HTTP, with SAML 2, OAuth 2 authentication, X.509 client certificates authentication and HTTP authentication eliminating errors and drastically reducing time and effort  

Legacy Modernization

  • Bring to life legacy systems
  • Align legacy and future development environments
  • Bring in process based business agility with rapid delivery speed
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Flexible cloud native platform and environment
  • Allow internal stakeholders ideas to be brought to life

Microservices by Design

WEM offers full support of microservice architecture allowing mixing of various technologies including 3rd party modules and systems as well as legacy systems which can be modernised and have their operational life extended by many years

"Our challenge of integrating with existing legacy systems and creating new secure services was solved with surprising ease using WEM"

Tom van den Arend – Chief Information Officer – IVC Evidensia

WEM allows developers and non developers to design and launch mission-critical applications quickly and efficiently. A visual, development environment with full support for integration with 3rd party and legacy systems allows creation of new applicationas or modernisation of legacy applications. All in days or weeks instead of months or years. 

Find out today how your organisation can modernise legacy systems. 

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