Integrate and connect with ease

Our intuitive platform is easy to integrate with existing legacy environments, any type of cloud and any type of software.

Easily consume or expose data through web requests with built-in open standards and open-source technologies, like JSON, XML, SOAP, REST and OData.

Pre-built connectors empower you to seamlessly integrate your applications with external systems, such as SAP and Salesforce

Seamlessly integrate and connect using the WEM platform

Integrating and connecting with anything and everything is one of the many benefits the WEM platform has to offer.

Microservice architecture

Creating our microservice architecture we made sure you have full support when it comes to flexibility and scalability.

Backend and data integration

No matter what type of legacy system or external platform you want to connect to. With WEM you can.

Fast and easy

We made sure we can offer maximum flexibility through REST, SOAP, ODATA and RAW HTTP.

Highly secure

The highest security measures are taken to make sure your existing systems and data are safe.

Integrate securely and quickly with anything

With WEM integrating and connecting to different environments or systems becomes very easy. Using a wizard like interface consuming and exposing a secure API or web service takes only minutes.

The advantages for your organisation are enormous as it allows you to extend the life and functionality of existing legacy systems, modernise your software, drastically reduce the duration and complexity of delivery cycles and lower the total cost of ownership.

Integrations without the use of code

WEM makes sure your developers can create and manage integrations without the need for code. At WEM we uphold the highest standards with regard to the security of integrations.

Standards include REST API, SOAP, ODATA, RAW HTTP, with SAML 2, OAuth 2 authentication, X.509 client certificates authentication and HTTP authentication.

Microservices by Design

WEM was built on the idea of flexibility. That’s why our platform makes sure you can connect with many different database systems such as SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, DB2 iSeries, PostgreSQL, Aurora PostgreSQL and Azure PostgreSQL.

Our platform makes sure your organization can combine local and external data sources without the need to spend much time on integration activities. Making sure you stay connected.

Build smarter with WEM

Leaders, IT architects, business owners and citizen developers all choose WEM.

Business driven digital transformation