2 release elements that improve the customer experience

Our latest platform release greatly improves the customer experience. This release, WEM 3.9.1, makes WEM even more capable for larger more complex applications our enterprise customers more often want to run on our no-code development platform.

This past weekend was one of major events for the WEM team, we moved our offices to a new bigger, brighter, better and foremost larger location and we released version 3.9.1 of our WEM platform. While the office move had a huge impact on the team, the new release without a doubt has the most impact on our users and our business.

Most of the WEM releases happen sometime during the quiet hours of the day without anyone noticing or your applications might seem to hesitate just for a fraction of a second. The event for this weekend was different; weeks in advance we planned and communicated a major maintenance window.

Version 3.9.1 doesn’t add any new features, no new shiny functionality that we can talk about and excite the marketing team with. So, if this release introduces “nothing new”, why did we think it was important enough to execute this release?

Time for a deep-dive into understanding the 2 release elements that improve the customer experience:

1. The query engine

With WEM anyone can create applications, without coding and without needing many (some would say any) IT skills. A consequence of WEM being so easy to work with, combined with the advanced integration capabilities WEM offers out of the box, often has as a result that data structure behind the created applications and the way that data is accessed is often not done according to any design standards.

This potentially makes data access very inefficient. Adding to this, there are countless ways of retrieving data from that structure, combining, sorting, filtering and recombining to the users’ content. Not to worry – All of that works fine for most applications, but once you get to tens of thousands of concurrent users and hundreds of millions of data elements performance becomes a challenge.

What’s the importance of the WEM query engine in all this? The query engine is a systematic approach to optimizing data and data access for all applications – on the fly and in real time. We make sure that your data structure and the way you retrieve that data is optimized and normalized to a level that guarantees great performance without you as an application builder having to consider any of that.

The result of the new release is that some features of some applications are running up to 80% faster, making sure that we can deliver our 250ms response time guarantee on your applications even if they grow hugely complex.

2. The database

All the information stored in the WEM applications ultimately ends up in a database, and as WEM is growing as a business and our user’s applications are growing at a rate well beyond exponential – both in number of access requests and in the size of the data, we found ourselves at the limits of what the database engine could support.

The change has split the databases for all published applications across preview, test and production into separate databases, allowing us to scale the infrastructure beyond what the previous model allowed.

This change, while minor from a functionality perspective provides a great path to the future and sets us up to release the WEM Modeler v4 and native mobile in the near future.

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