4 ways how no-code platform WEM impacts the market

No-code platform WEM impacts the market in many ways: cloud, IT, large enterprises and SMBs maximizes business efficiency and agility. “The current market asks for new ways to transform data into usable information that is easy to consume, control and change according to business environments”, WEM CEO Rob Schilperoort explains.

The WEM platform is an all-in-one solution empowering anyone to model business application software in contrast to traditional software and application development. Here are 4 ways how no-code impacts the market:

1. WEM and the cloud

The current state of the market provides that companies build and host application development (e.g. global, variable workload) on cloud. Traditional methods require a bundle of (programming) expertise to both development the software and deploy this software to the cloud. With no-code development platform WEM, users can model applications and deploy these without any knowledge of underlying cloud technology or cloud infrastructure.

2. WEM and IT

When asking “Who do you need to build complex applications?” You are probably picturing IT departments with vast numbers of business analysts, test engineers, project managers, developers and functional designers specialized in complex application programming and coding. Our no-code platform only requires a small selection of functional designers and limited time. Real-time modeling of your process instead of depending on time consuming programming software requires a different skill-set: Understanding core business and organizational processes is key.

3. WEM and enterprises

Developing software enterprises are often bound by expertise, budget and time constraints. As a result IT can’t service each and every project or department’s information needs. WEM bridges the gap between IT and internal business needs. WEM enables every subject matter expert to model one’s own (complex) software according to specific information needs without code and integrate their applications with the overall corporate structure other software – A win-win situation for IT and enterprises.

4. WEM and SMBs

Last but not least, SMBs are often characterized by a low app-development capacity. Our no-code platform empowers SMBs to build custom process software to enhance their competitive advance. Again, no technical, infrastructure knowledge required.

No-code impacts the market

Ever wondered if any of your colleagues is skilled enough to build smart software or complex applications? WEM asks you to simply understand your company’s internal needs and be able to draw a flowchart of your business processes independent how complex these are or will be as a result of market developments. Limitations are not found in one’s IT expertise. With WEM business maximizing efficiency and agility are within every business unit’s reach – our no-code platform empowers anyone able to make their custom software.

Click on the video below for the full interview with Schilperoort on how no-code platform WEM impacts the market:

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