A 2017 retrospect of no-code platform WEM

From developments on our no-code platform WEM to transitioning to a channel model and growing internationally. At this time of year everyone takes the time to reflect on what they have achieved in the year ending and what they plan to achieve in the new year.

Almost everyone does this in their personal life and every executive with a calendar book year does this for their company. Some of those reflections are very formal and require accountants and outside council to complete. Others, like this one, are more like an inventory of events, and hopefully a celebration of mostly positive events.

A transitional year

2017 has been a transition year for WEM in several ways; we moved from a direct to market to a channel based model, we transitioned our main source of income from consulting to licensing, and from a development perspective we completed our integration capabilities and are fully focused on our next big thing; the upgraded modeler interface of our no-code platform.

This year also brought many new things; Harrie Huisman our founder took a step back from daily leadership activities, we launched internationally with our first distributor in July and now have 5 covering most of the globe, we also changed the structure of the company establishing a solid management team to enable us to manage growth.

WEM Conference

“If something works, don’t change it (too much)”, so we also continued many successful elements, we had our 2nd annual WEM conference with customers, partners and distributors from several countries speaking and attending, our growth continued and has lately been accelerating into exponential territory, and we kept our growing team stable giving many employees the opportunity to grow into new roles and giving every employee some company ownership.

International growth for no-code

For 2018 we expect to continue the path we have been travelling for the last 6 months. Included in those plans is an increased media and marketing push that we will keep feeding for the next year including participation at key industry events globally. Early October we started actively on-boarding distributors and partners in regions around the world. In 2018 that program will pick up speed to enable high speed and quality roll-out of our no-code platform globally.

Coming year we intend to spend a lot of time making our no-code platform WEM even more intuitive, making it even easier to get started quickly and build your application in minutes, we’ve taken the first steps here by making new platform demo video’s available and updating the tutorials. The real impact will be when the new modeler interface becomes available. We expect to enter a limited beta in Q1 2018.

As I’m writing this, new things keep coming up that I could and probably should mention in this year in review. So many good things happened to WEM this year and so many new and exciting things are planning for the coming months and year. I could fill pages with positive events. For now I think we’ll keep this list and maybe I’ll do a quarterly review next year so we can highlight more of the great things that are happening at WEM.

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