AP Support increases business agility with no-code

AP Support significantly increases business agility with no-code development platform WEM. In an disruptive environment where technological innovations continuously change our way of living, financial institutions need to adjust their business processes in revolutionary ways. They need to adopt full customer engagement and are expected to be agile to ensure product leadership. Only operational excellence is rewarded.

Digitization is key

The most easy manner in being agile is not to digitalize. One does not need software experts, procedures or complicated project methods like Lean or Scrum. One only needs extremely skilled people with a high work ethic. This vision is also used to combat digitalization. Arguments like: “Digitalization is not possible because of the amount of variables, the personal touch is lost, our employees will no longer want to work etc.” The point is that one of the reasons not to digitalize is because of the unknown and the fear of the unknown .

But one needs to digitalize, so it is outsourced . This is also the reason why organizations use IT departments with experts skilled in taking over the complex task. As a remnant of the welfare state operation departments want to be taken care of and allow others to determine how they should operate. For this an army of programmers, business analysts, test engineers and project managers are hired with the task of making their lives easier. This is again much easier because mistakes can be ascribed to someone else.

Agility with no-code development

The aforementioned might be agile in theory but in practice it is not, simply because one does not take responsibility of its service or production. Therefore what is needed are applications that can be made without having expertise in coding, with quick delivery time and which can be custom made to service the customer perfectly. The main focus is customer value creation from the core business skills. Rapid Application Modelling (RAM) is the perfect technology in order to achieve this. That’s how AP Support reaches business agility; by creating apps on no-code development platform WEM.

This method of application building enables operations to be actively responsible for the services they provide, simply because they can automate their own processes. Imagine every employee capable to instantaneously implement changes. No longer does one need to work with release planning, waiting times, endless meetings or budget proposals. The problem is recognized, acted upon and solved so that customers can have an amazing experience. Hence, no-code development with business agility as a result.

Focus on empowering operations

IT becomes more than a service, it should be embedded by operations. With no-code development platform WEM one can develop state of the art, cloud based applications without coding. The result: reduced waiting times and an enormous increase in agility and customer focus by empowering operations.

Amazon delivers its new software every 11.6 seconds . Don’t you want to be just as flexible? If so, you need Rapid Application Modelling with the WEM platform.

During the WEM Conference break out session AP Support will present the why and how of bottom up process optimization and the role Operations needs to take on in order to face tomorrow challenges.

by Wouter Mertens, Business Manager IT at AP Support


  1. A point also used by Schumpeter in his “Theory of Economic Development”
  2. In this sense it can be interpreted as outsources to another department
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