ARROW boosts Sales and Operations productivity by 35%

The entire sales cycle of ARROW Netherlands in one single app. That’s how the organization has improved Sales and Operations productivity by 35%. No more separate Excel files or stacks of paper. From now on team Sales and Operations can spend more time on their customer service and less on say, admin.

The entire sales cycle. One single app.

ARROW Netherlands has developed an app that improves Sales and Operations processes. By including as few steps as possible increases the efficiency of executing day-to-day tasks. It all started as a tender management tool, in which tasks could be assigned to specific resellers. With status updates shown in real-time, role-specific information is stored of actions-to-be-taken and so on. “Our efficiency and effectivity experienced an increase of 35%”, says Rene Feijen, Unit Manager at ARROW Netherlands.

In addition, a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) has been created. This contains all relevant information about hardware and software components in ARROWs IT services. And all processes relevant for operation management to the system are added. Now team Sales and Operations at ARROW have an all-in-one solution. The full sales pipeline in one application. Created for and by team members.

A fully functional app in 6 months or just 6 weeks? You do the math.

“This solution was created in just 6 weeks by myself”, says Rene. In the no-code platform you can add or adjust the application within a few clicks. Hence, processes are optimized instantly. He continues:

“Based on traditional development methods, this application would have taken 6 months – from design to deployment. Requiring at least 400 – 450 hours worth of programming”.

Are you ready to give your business effectiveness and efficiency a boost like ARROW Netherlands? Get in touch with our EMEA WEM Distributor for more information.

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