Business process automation for a successful Alpe D’Huzes

Automation of complex business processes was high on the list of priorities for the Alpe d’HuZes organization. Imagine 5000 people running, hiking and cycling up and down the mountain “Alpe d’Huez” in France. All with the same goal: Contributing to the fight against cancer. René van Stoltz (Volunteer at Alpe d’Huzes) explains how the team achieved digital transformation, increased service quality and improved service delivery during this yearly event.

Every year the number of participants joining Alpe d’HuZes grows. Unavoidably, resulting in an increase of incident reports. Last year, Alpe d’HuZes’ control room – consisting of local police and hospital personnel – had to manage 900 reports a day. Business process automation is key for the event to run smoothly with thousands of participants and volunteers. René explains: “Prior to our WEM solution, it was difficult to maintain clear lines of communication with everyone” . How does the organization of Alpe d’HuZes manage and coordinate such high numbers of incidents and volunteers at once?

Since 2016, the control room relies on a WEM application created by Freddy van Geel, one of the event’s volunteers, to manage incidents and coordinate volunteers.

“Our WEM Dashboard proved to be a solid base […] tackling last year’s bad weather scenario was a breeze”

With the growth of the event, their WEM success story has grown bigger too: A WEM-based Dashboard has been added to Alpe D’HuZes’ events management system. Alpe d’HuZes 2018 is around the corner, and we’re excited to learn more about the advantages of this Dashboard.

Business process automation

During the two-day event, the WEM application enables the control room to analyze data. Real-time monitoring of statistics makes it easy to analyze the time and place most incidents happen and to identify who needs help.“This allows us to effectively move aid workers and volunteers around the course and enables us to determine which locations will do fine with mobile units only,”René clarifies.

In case of an emergency, a centralist, responsible for the medical team, creates a ticket in the application. René lays it out: “This report is instantly visible for his or her fellow operators. They can take over by contacting a motorcyclist to arrange a roadblock for the medical team to safely work”. 

In addition, relevant data of participants can be loaded into the system. This forms a relief, not only for René: “In the past we had to rely on thick stacks of paper to search for names of the participant, contact details and emergency telephone numbers. And believe me, this information was never in alphabetical order” . Automating our communication processes contributes to making the yearly event a success.

Alpe D'Huzes WEM success

Real-time data analysis

A heavy thunderstorm surprised everyone during last year’s event. You can imagine the level of difficulty involved in coordinating the move around of volunteers, let alone during stormy weather. As lined out, the team behind Alpe d’HuZes was well prepared. Particularly by including a number of protocols in the application.

“We could immediately access the bad weather protocol. As a result, the emergency room could clearly coordinate tasks and prioritize locations to emergency workers and volunteers” 

The team of Alpe D’Huzes works hard to ensure the safety of all participants of the tour. By keeping track of last year’s data in the application, safety measures in preparation for this year’s event have been taken care of in advance.

WEM is honored to contribute to Alpe D’HuZes in such a way. All the best to this year’s participants and volunteers. Indeed:

“Giving up is not an option!”

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