30 December, 2021:

WEM, a technology leader in low-code for the enterprise, allows not only creations of applications but enables entrepreneurs to create SaaS companies and products with amazing speed and agility.

The usual scenario of creating a SaaS product involves raising a significant amount of seed capital (usually anywhere between $1M-$3M) for hiring a development team – usually 4-5 people as a minimum starting point. Then the coding starts which usually takes many months – up to a year plus to create a product which can be brought to market. 

Henk Vlug – a successful entrepreneur decided to do it differently and chose WEM as its development platform to create NoClaims.NLa unique SaaS platform for managing and maintaining real estate assets. It gives managers and owners complete control over safety, maintenance and facility issues. 

Asking Henk, the CEO of NoClaims how he feels about using WEM as a development platform – Henk replied: “We have built NoClaims – an innovative SaaS company using WEM as the core development platform. WEM is incredibly powerful and very fast to develop with. Our development team consists of 1 full time person and sometimes an extra WEM developer. This is an enormous cost saving and the speed of development is incredible. I’m proud to say that NoClaims is now a successful SaaS company with strongly increasing ARR. Our customer base includes large organisations like Schiphol Airport, PLUS supermarket chain, real estate of pension funds and many others who use our platform to manage thousands of buildings with strong ROI. WEM offers us the ability to deliver complex software with a small amount of development resources at amazing speed”

“We are thrilled to see NoClaims succeed in driving customer success and with such a small team. It’s amazing to see their SaaS revenue climbing with very happy customers. Our goal is to disrupt the software world and NoClaims is further proof of our vision” said Douwe Roelofsen , WEM Chief Operations Officer.

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Videos and images courtesy of WEM Modeler.
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