EY/HVG developed Governance Scan with no-code

A Healthcare Governance Scan developed with no-code platform WEM by EY/HVG. This ‘quick-scan’ provides healthcare institutions with insight into the state of governance within your organization. After conducting the scan, results are shown in a report on compliance with the Healthcare Governance Code, the Healthcare Institutions Admission Act (WTZi), the WTZi Implementation Decree and the Healthcare Institute.

Governance Scan developed with no-code

The Healthcare Governance Code has been in force since 1 January 2017 in the Netherlands. This code heralds a new phase for governance in healthcare and shows that healthcare providers learn lessons from incidents that have occurred. The new code pays a lot of attention to culture and behavior, values ​​and norms, employee participation and dialogue. All managers and supervisors in every healthcare sub-sector have to deal with this Healthcare Governance code, both within their own organization and towards stakeholders.

EY/HVG is a leading law firm and notary office that works in a multidisciplinary context and provides national and international support in areas such as business law, labor law, IT and privacy, entrepreneurship and health care. Francijn de Rotte, a lawyer at EY/HVG, is specialized in business law. She saw an opportunity to bring a demand arising from the health care sector and HVG’s service offerings closer together.

Compliance with regulations

In short, she took the initiative to develop an online quick-scan, which provides healthcare organizations a first indication about the governance situation of healthcare facilities. That is, whether the facility is ‘in control’ or ‘not in control’. By filling in a questionnaire, respondents discover if they comply with regulations.

Hence, the EY/HVG Healthcare Governance Care Scan provides healthcare institutions with insight into the state of governance within their organization. This Scan also focuses on the culture and behavior component. In a short time one can evaluate the governance within a care organization. The EY/HVG Healthcare Governance Scan results in a report to what extend an organization is in compliance with the Healthcare Governance Code, the Healthcare Institutions Admission Act (WTZi), the WTZi Implementation Decree and the Healthcare Institutions Client Participation Act.

The results of the scan, in the form of a report, offers organizations starting points for improvement and implementation of the Governance Code. Subsequently, organization can discuss the findings with EY/HVG personally. Hence, this tool keeps EY/HVG in close contact with the target group and provides valuable insights in the respective sector.

Time and cost-efficient software

“We observe that in practice many health care facilities do not comply with current regulations in terms of governance. Either because they are not aware, or because they think these regulations are not important enough to comply to”, Francijn explains.

“By using this scan, health care facilities get to know if they do or do not comply with the regulations within 5 minutes. It even gives the facility details about which areas they need to improve in. With this tool, we aim to inform and get in touch with health care facilities, as well as get to know their current situation so we can offer our services in a more targeted way”.

The quick-scan is a simple tool that reduces time and cuts costs for the organization. Francijn sees the great advantage and efficiency that the tool generates.

“Previously, there was a lot more to it for such an analysis: get in contact with the potential customers, conduct an intake interview, evaluate the analysis and discuss the results. Now, health care facilities can go through the quick-scan themselves and immediately receive their report, which informs them if improvements are needed. After that, we call them to offer our services.”

The advantages of no-code development

EY/HVG had some requirements for the tool. Content should be easy to manage and maintain.

“This comes in handy when regulations change or if we decide to target another sector. Another requirement was that the analysis report would be immediately available to the respondent”, says Francijn. “Our internal IT department was not able to quickly provide such a tool. But with WEM it was possible.”

Besides being able to realize all requirements, since this Governance Scan was developed with no-code platform WEM, this proved to be more cost efficient than traditional development.

“This is a large organization with many layers and processes. It takes quite some time to get something done. It would have been very time consuming to develop such a tool internally. In this case, however, we wanted to implement the tool quickly. That’s why the development with no-code platform WEM was a perfect solution.”

Francijn was responsible for the content during the development of the quick-scan. Because of her experience with the regulations that this target group was facing, she compiled the questions and results of the tool. Together with another EY/HVG colleague, she defined the set-up of the tool, and the application was produced almost instantly.

“We discussed our wishes with WEM and got to work right away. The tool was built in one sprint, which lasts two weeks.”

Opportunities for the entire organization

Quick-scans such as this Governance Scan developed with no-code are helpful tools for compliance-focused organizations like EY/HVG. The idea is to use the tool in other departments of the organization.

“This is a pilot project for the entire organization, in which the tool can be tightened and adjusted. These adjustments can be easily conducted with WEM. We already have the structure — only the content has to be adapted to the specific sector”, Francijn explains enthusiastically. “The tool offers opportunities for the entire organization.”


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