Gartner: Citizen Developers strengthen impact of IT

Does your IT department experience increasing pressure from the business to modernize applications? Not to forget about the requests for new web and mobile apps? To meet this continuous demand, Gartner argues IT should encourage Citizen Development initiatives to realize scalable and rapid app development.

Citizen Developers are business users “who create new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT”, Gartner indicates. In the past, end-user application development has typically been limited to solutions built with tools like Microsoft Excel and Access. Nowadays, with development platforms and cloud computing services, like WEM, end-users can build departmental, enterprise and public applications. 65% of apps developed with low-code Citizen development is already a reality in many enterprises. To build these apps, Citizen Developers use low-code/no-code platforms like WEM, that are approved by their IT department. One of Gartner’s global studies indicates “by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity”. This leading research company argues citizen development to be fundamental to achieve digital transformation. In light of this an effective partnership between application leaders and business leaders is essential to achieve positive results […] as a context for citizen development emerges, Gartner states. Intuitive app development Whether you’re a developer by heart, know how to code a bit or not at all. Just like a Finance Controller who has learned to make macros in Excel, business users can quickly master the art of application development with no-code development platform WEM. Creating applications with WEM requires no more skills than drawing a flow chart in any modern-day office productivity tool. Integrations with other corporate or external systems can be easily made. By using our platform’s intuitive interface with pre-built web services. Take this app that boosts Sales and Operations by 35% built by Rene Feijen, Unit Manager at ARROW ECS Netherlands. Or this Stock and Order Management Software developed by Bas Bouman, System and Application Manager at LTL Woodproducts. These examples illustrate how business users can intuitively create software with WEM to enhance everyday business processes. Business advantages of development platforms With low-code/no-code development platforms, enterprises can accelerate digital transformation, increase responsiveness to business demands, and reduce dependency on hard-to-hire and costly technical skills. In addition, internal processes of organizations can be improved exactly how and when the business needs it. By empowering Citizen Developers, organizations can reduce the pressure on IT. Highly skilled developers can focus on complex digital transformation projects, while at the same time Citizen Developers can focus on the internal developments IT is not able to prioritize. A win-win for both business and IT.

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