i1too UK and Middle-East distributor no-code platform WEM

WEM announces i1too to be its distributor for no-code platform in the UK and Middle-East. “WEM could be huge for us in the UK and Middle East”, says Sunil Prashara, CEO and founder of i1too. Together with his co-founders Jayne Daniel, Arjun Jamnadass and Alex Lambeek, i1too will introduce WEM the aforementioned regions.

After announcing their partnerships with IT-distributor Prianto Benelux and WEM Americas, WEM now expands its market coverage by signing up a third distribution partner, i1too, for its no-code platform. The company operates in the UK and the Middle East. “Again, we have partnered with a group of highly experienced executives that see great potential for WEM in the UK and beyond”, Says Rob Schilperoort, WEM CEO.

Sunil Prashara, CEO at i1too. Sunil has held executive posts in some of the world’s largest IT companies including Perot Systems, Nokia, Vodafone and Accenture. “Our small and medium sized clients find that their specific needs are often not fully met by off-the-shelf software. Moreover, these standard applications offer functionality that is unnecessary and unused. WEM allows us to focus on the specific requirements of the customer, designing apps that exactly meets their needs”, says Sunil.

Jayne Daniel, Head of Operational Process Improvement at i1too. She worked for twenty plus years at Vodafone where she was responsible for process optimization. Jayne has successfully led multiple change programs across Vodafone’s global business.

Arjun Jamnadass, CIO at i1too. Arjun has ten plus years experience in managing IT & Business Change Projects and Transformation Programs at corporate companies such as Shell, Nokia, CGI and Vodafone. “Clients ask i1too to help them redesign their business processes. With no-code development platform WEM, we can now automate these processes at the same time.”

Alex Lambeek, Non Executive Director at i1too. Alex has over 23 years of commercial leadership experience in the consumer mobile and media industries across the globe, having worked at Nokia, BlackBerry, 21st Century Fox and most recently as Chief Commercial Officer at Rovio. He has set up a retail franchise, has established and changed distribution models on a number of occasions, and has led consumer driven innovation.

To get a free thirty-day WEM trial subscription or schedule a live demo please go to: MyWEM.io

About WEM

WEM is a no-code Application Platform as a Service with which almost anybody can build custom applications without coding. The platform was first launched in the Netherlands in September 2015. With WEM, you simply model your process in a flowchart and the platform generates a fully functional application for you. Building applications with WEM is up to 10 times faster than traditional development and requires a different skillset, that is a lot cheaper and easier to find compared to developers. WEM offers point-and-click integration with standard protocols, such as REST, SOAP and OData. All applications built in WEM are web based and include hosting, maintenance, security, infrastructure, backup, service levels, storage, and disaster recovery.

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