Improve customer experiences with no-code development

You can improve customer experiences by building applications on no-code development platforms like WEM. Just a few factors that makes for good Customer Experience (CX): Speed, convenience, consistency. Find out how you can radically optimize your customer service.

A crucial link: Technology and CX

Competitive advantage is no longer based on meeting customer demands. Exceeding those demands is what sets companies apart in today’s economy. “Customer experience is the new marketing battlefront”, according to Gartner. Long waiting times, low first-time resolutions and agents not having the right information – not being able to solve these problems is frustrating. For both customers and customer service professionals. And, the numbers don’t lie:

61% of customers stopped doing business with at least one company last year because of poor CX – Accenture

Time for companies to exceed customer demands. But how? Let’s take the advice from PwC and Gartner: Companies should prioritize technologies that focus on customer experience design. “Technology can help companies create phenomenal customer experiences […] 82% of the top-performing companies report paying close attention to the human experience around digital and tech”.

No-code improves customer experiences

Zooming in on the factors that matter most when it comes to CX: Speed, convenience, helpful employees and friendly service matter most. Consumers score each of these factors over 70% in importance as shown by PwCs publication. The right technology enables employees to directly tackle the aforementioned factors.

“Speed, convenience, helpful employees and friendly service matter most […] Prioritize technologies that foster or provide these benefits” – PwC

That’s exactly why no-code application development is skyrocketing in popularity. By means of no-code development, business end-users can boost customer experiences with business solutions based on one simple formula:

Build anything + Integrate everything + Change anytime

No-code empowers anyone in the organization to be an innovator – e.g. Customer Service managers and customer experience optimizers – to directly translate innovative ideas, tackling the aforementioned factors, into solid solutions, which in turn will steer future business and optimal customer experience. Hence, taking off the load off often limited IT resources, no-code becomes a secure place for Citizen Developers to continuously innovate.

90% faster than traditional development

WEM, the first true no-code application development platform, is an approach to service design which empowers business end-users, from DevOps, Citizen Developers to Business Analysts and Business Unit Managers – you name it – to deliver powerful custom and scalable enterprise grade web-based and mobile applications rapidly – no programming expertise required:

• 90% faster than traditional methods; develop and deploy applications in days and weeks instead of months and years
• Reducing Application Total Cost of Ownership up to 80%

The platform’s intuitive User Interface directly controls complex automated integration actions that empower end-users to create fully functional applications that maximize customer satisfaction. WEM provides a more effective, agile and cost-efficient alternative to low or traditional hand-coding.

Coming back to enhancing customer experiences, our no-code development platform’s intuitive interface enables Customer Service managers and CX optimizers to develop and implement improvements covering the core demands of consumers. By simply drawing work flows in a flowchart without having to write a line of code. Automating, say, communication processes becomes a breeze. And when the ever-changing business environment or customer demands so, changes can be easily made to the application immediately. Fast, Agile, Intuitive.

Are you ready to improve customer experiences with no-code development?

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