Information access without technology limitations

Over the last few years, there have been several developments that in the end all come to a single conclusion; people want access to information faster and without technology limitations.

Last year I wrote an article about serverless computing; there I introduced the concept of “Applications without technology”. Almost a year after the original blog was published, we received several requests for a follow-up.

What we are seeing is a developing awareness in our partner ecosystem, and in the worldwide market by extension, when it comes to information awareness. Knowledge workers, the key-users of many business applications, need to access information in their preferred way, on their favored device and on their schedule without accepting limits placed by others. As we have it, that’s what WEM delivers.

Developments like gamification, cloud computing, serverless, dev-ops and the decades old promise of configurable packaged software in the end all accomplish the same thing; putting the control of information and the way it is being processed back with the user and the business function they need to perform.

Business users can create software

Putting the user in charge of their information needs makes sense because of a variety of different reasons: the expertise on the processes, the budget, the future vision and everything else that the information helps you and your business accomplishes is with the user. Historically, the average user lacked one important element to enable them to control their own information need; technology skills.

Using modern no-code platforms, business users can create software that does exactly what they need, when they need it. No more long development projects with numerous layers of technology experts and many month-long turn arounds, just the people that need the information and a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get (another one of those ancient IT promises) interface to build the applications they need.

The impact of WEM

WEM takes that concept a step beyond the no-code application. WEM includes all the technology required to create and operate your application. Your application and data is in a secure and enterprise class environment with the latest technologies like automatic scaling included all with clear service levels.

The user simply models their information need and with a single button deploys that new or updated application globally. All while, not to forget, meeting all regulatory needs. Combine that with a simple predictable and usage driven pricing model and we can claim that we have achieved that ultimate goal – and what those industry buzzwords I mentioned earlier promised – “Information without technology”.

This doesn’t mean the technology is not there, just like your car has all kinds of hidden technology that the driver uses without needing to understand the details, WEM provides you with all the technology elements to make your applications work, you don’t need the knowledge to understand the details, you just need to know what your information need is.

The importance of IT

While we put all that power in the hands of the knowledge worker, the final user of that information, we should not loose sight of the importance of the role of the IT team, keeping data accurate and safe, integration between different systems and continuity of the information of the business are all key elements of the WEM platform. Maybe that should be the subject of my next blog.

Low-code versus no-code

A word of warning to the casual buyer, as with any new “hot” technology there are a lot of fakes out there. There is huge difference between low-code (products that make developers more productive) and no-code (products that allow anyone to create applications without programming) and not all no-code products can deliver “no-technology” or support enterprise level requirements.

If you think WEM fits your needs, feel free to create an account and try it yourself. You can build and test any application you want free-of-charge, you pay only after you publish your application. If you think we can make WEM better in delivering our promise of “Information without technology” please let me know, we’re always looking to make our offering even better at meeting that promise.

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