Market demands no-code development of apps

Businesses are ready to develop apps on no-code development platforms. In his article Robert Wolcott, clinical professor of innovation and entrepreneurship, argues traditional computer code will become “as useful” as learning Ancient Greek: “It is enlightening and impressive to understand Ancient Greek, but it’s not terribly useful. The same will over time happen to coding”. This matches WEMs mission of empowering all citizens to be application developers.

The future of no-code development

Don’t get us wrong – Coding skills are of great value. However, as market analysts predict: no-code/low-code PaaS will account for over 50% of all applications by 2020-2022. Trends show coding will be more and more implemented by Artificial Intelligence systems. Wolcott: “This is part of a natural progression from computer-friendly to human-friendly systems. While operating a computer once required specific technical knowledge, today it requires almost none”. Programming and developing environments have reflected the same trend.

Business and process-driven

With its business driven and process modeling character, no-code platform WEM is the answer to this trend in contrast to traditional IT. WEM CEO Schilperoort uses Excel as an example. “Back in the days, you’d need highly specialized employees to conduct financial models for your business. Nowadays, the majority of graduates know how to deal with Excel”. Take SMBs, for example, these don’t need a whole team of programmers or developers. Or your enterprise’ IT department, juggling precious time between projects and business unit problems. WEM empowers each and every employee to create and update complex applications in real time without writing a single line of code. No-code development platform WEM is IT for all.

Operational excellence for business apps

“Ultimately, coding isn’t the point. The objective is to define and communicate what we want computational systems to do”. We can’t agree more with Wolcott. The need for humans to code will gradually disappear for highly specialized situations. Operational excellence to model your business application is key. Consider how greatly this affects your experience as an end user. The market is ready for WEM – the most advanced no-code development platform to build your applications with.

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