No-code development platform successful in APAC region

Mid-2018 no-code development platform WEM was successfully introduced in the APAC region. Chenobu Thong, CEO of WEM APAC, gives an overview of the achievements.

“It’s an exciting time as we position ourselves to ride this wave of growth on no-code application development”, Thong indicates. “In an intensely competitive IT market, there are huge opportunities for us to innovate and win”. And, are enterprises in the APAC region advocates for no-code development?

The achievements of team APAC speaks for itself:

• Closing agreements WEM partners all over the APAC region, WEM has gained local presence in 4 key APAC regions.

This includes Australia, New Zealand, Asia (SEA, Japan and China) and India;

• There are at least 2 WEM customers in each of these APAC regions;

• With a total of 20 applications already live or being built on WEM;

5 SaaS solutions on WEM available created by WEM APAC partners;

• Joining forces with PaineCO, soon to be official WEM Training Partner, WEM capability will build rapidly throughout the APAC region.

No-code development in 2019

2019 is set to be a very big year. India will be accelerating its growth. Asia will finally be roaring with its leadership fully onboard. New-Zealand is all set for some big opportunities. Australia will continue to lead with innovation and breakthrough deals.

“I am humbled to rub shoulders with such talented entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. We can say that we have indeed made APAC market listen and notice no-code application development”, Chenobu Thong, CEO of WEM APAC, proudly states. “The groundwork we have done these last months is the foundation for exceptional business results in the coming years”.

“Currently we have partners and end-users in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India”, Barry van den Bos, WEM Region Manager APAC, summarizes. He also shares a future highlight: “In Q1 of 2019, we will travel to Malaysia to certify our first WEM trainers in Asia. This is a major development. I’m extremely proud of this!”.

How to innovate your business processes with no-code application development? Reach out to one of the WEM partners in the APAC region.

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