No-code platform to digitally transform your business

A no-code platform that let’s you digitally transform your business. The hassle-free way. Time to embrace digital as part of your business mandate and value technology as integral to both business operations and strategy. By developing applications on no-code platform WEM.

By asking the following “how to digitally transform your business?” PwC conducted the Global Digital IQ Survey. Polling 2216 business and IT leaders from 53 countries, PwC focused on what hinders businesses in their digital transformation. For which the main results are:

64%: “Collaboration between IT and business is lacking”
“Inflexible or slow processes are to blame”, says 58%
41%: “Lack of integration of new and existing technologies”
“Outdated technologies”, indicates 38%

The digitally transformed workforce

How can company leaders consistently unlock value from digital investments in a rapidly advancing world?

Jason Bloomberg for Forbes (2018): “Digital Transformation demands that enterprises re-envision their business models, organizational structures and operational workflows at every level. These will be fundamental business transformations — and they will take courage and leadership from the corporate board and on down through every level of management”.

“Focus on the human experience” is among the main conclusions outlined by the Global Digital IQ Survey from PwC (2017). This is supported by Gartner, with leading analysts predicting: “By 2021, 40% of IT staff will be versatilists — those who can hold multiple roles, most of which will be business-, rather than technology-, related”.

Boost efficiency and agility with no-code

Building and deploying applications can be done rapidly without coding. That’s why no-code platform WEM empowers businesses to significantly improve efficiency and agility: “No-code enables the line of business to create digital value with its own resources, and at the speed of its own ambitions and planning, the business gains direct control over time to functionality”, IDC Analyst George Mironescu.

WEM, the most advanced no-code development platform, helps you to rethink how your business defines and delivers digital initiatives. By considering employee and customer interactions at every step of the way, creating a culture of tech innovation and adoption.

IDC Analyst George Mironescu: “The product can be picked up by any user that understands business processes, with the training time required to start handling the WEM environment averaging two to three weeks”

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