Platform Release: Beta2 of WEM 4.0 is live!

Our latest Platform Release, Beta2 of WEM 4.0, has been made available to the public. When I wrote my “wrap-up 2018 and look forward 2019” message just a few short weeks ago, I mentioned that we had some major news coming in this year. With this release, we reached yet another one of those major milestones.

What’s new in WEM 4.0?

This latest release is significant in several different ways. First, while some sub-systems are not entirely there yet, you can already build complex and full-features applications with this version.

Second, but no less important, this version of the beta environment connects directly to the existing production database. All your projects created using the current WEM3 version of the modeler can now be accessed, edited and published right from the WEM4 modeler.

And if you decide you like the old modeler best (or need a feature that is not available yet in WEM4) you can just switch back to WEM3. Your co-workers and you can even work on the same project at the same time from the different modeler versions.

Fast. Intuitive. Easy.

Some of the things that I thought were great in the few hours that I’ve been able to work with the new release:

  • The new modeler supports all modern browsers, on every platform. This means that from now on you can model your information needs and applications on your favorite device;

  • The user interface received a huge face lift. No more context switching to perform an action. From creating a data-model to integrating with your favorite API: everything is available in the same screen. Combined with our context aware drag-and-drop functionality, where you can move elements around and place them where you need them to model your process, screen layout and everything else.

Major Release: Beta2 version WEM 4.0 is live
Major Release: Beta2 version WEM 4.0 is live
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All these changes make WEM even more intuitive and make it even easier for everyone to create full-featured enterprise quality applications without needing much (any?) technology skills.

What’s next?

The list of new features the new modeler brings is long and well beyond the scope of this article. Soon the online tutorials will be updated to WEM4 and you’ll be able to learn all you need. Or you could just try it out by creating a new project, copying and existing project or working directly in an existing project (if you dare).

Over the next few weeks we plan on releasing a WEM4 beta build regularly, fixing bugs (please report them when you find one ?) and adding new features often. So check back from time to time and learn how to get to your information – how, when and where you want it – without worrying about the technology.

This is not the first great development for WEM in 2019 and it for sure won’t be the last. Start modeling your applications now and you’ll be able to benefit from all the exiting changes coming soon.

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