Security and scalability without lock-in

The adoption of our no-code application development platform by enterprises has accelerated on a world-wide scale. With WEM, business-critical software can be created in no-time. Without having to write a single line of code. Hello efficiency, goodbye costly development times! No wonder the market is excited about this trend. 

As a result, instead of having to explain the impact no-code application development has on the business, enterprises nowadays find us with their questions and requirements for specific solutions. Time to take a closer look at a few of those Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How does WEM ensure security of my apps?

The topic of security can be approached on a platform and application level. Firstly, our platform is highly secure; WEM complies with all relevant standards. Secondly, you can set up secure communication, store data encrypted, use various user authentication/authorization mechanisms etc. And on top of that we offer the possibility to run penetration tests for your application, so any possible security issues within an application will become clear.

Hence, the platform offers all technical possibilities to make your application very secure as well, without the need for technical knowledge. Naturally, in the end, security of an application is the responsibility of the person(s) that build it. This is no different from low-code or traditional hardcoding.

2. Is my app scalable?

From creating “simple” time management apps to “extremely complex” ERP software applications. With WEM anyone can create any software application imaginable without having to code. There are no limits on data storage, number of transactions, number of users or the complexity of the application.

Several of our customers have large and complex applications with very high usage and lots of data. Our WEM platform has been designed to handle these large and complex applications. And large datasets. We continuously monitor our systems and add capacity whenever the load gets higher. For example, recently we tested the scalability with 500 million transactions per month, during workhours on workdays. The result: the platform performed perfectly without any noticeable performance degradation. No doubt; WEM has been designed to scale.

3. What about “lock-in” with a no code/low code vendor?

It is certainly true that you need our platform. Hence, if a customer decides to no longer use the WEM platform, their application won’t be available anymore. However, all the data will be made available, so that lock-in does not exist.

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